Sweet Morphine

Eau de Parfum

by Ex Nihilo

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The Scoop

The fine line between delicate pleasure and dangerous obsession is at the core of Sweet Morphine, the newest temptation from Ex Nihilo. An enchanting floral with a darkly addictive woody vanilla base, Sweet Morphine is a fragrance for any innocent-seeming beauty with a hidden wickedness beneath the surface.

Sweet Morphine opens with a deceptively fresh burst of floral lightness from a tender bloom of lilac, clean and feminine. In the heart, iris begins to twist the freshness into something deeper and more resonant, still utterly beautiful but suddenly toothsome and full bodied. As the dark accord of wood sets in, with creamy vanilla in tow, we're completely enthralled, doomed to a life of compulsive servitude. Addiction never smelled so gorgeous.

Sweet Morphine  Notes

Lilac, iris, wood accord, vanilla

Sweet Morphine Sizes Available
50ml $225
100ml $325
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Sweet Morphine...
I love this scent on me, It's floral and powdery but not in a grandma way. I'm looking for a signature scent and i just might have found it. Don't get the vanilla on me and it lasts for a few hours.
By   - Data Processor from Atlanta on 2/9/2017
This came as a complimentary sample. I'm not a fan of the name or lilacs, so I was surprised how much I loved the fragrance! It has a nice, lush opening, then settles down to develop into a subtle, luscious fragrance. Delicate sillage, good development, very wearable.
By   - writer from phx on 12/24/2016
Sharp perfume-y opening - excessively floral with a jarring artificiality - that settles down to a rather innocuous powdery floral. I don't get any vanilla notes. Very low silage; can barely smell it after two hours. Love the name, the bottle and the colour but overall it's an expensive disappointment.
By   - Writer from Melbourne, Australia on 9/19/2016
This just might be my new favorite! It's addictive! I am able to decipher each note individually, yet they all meld together for an unforgetable experience! Will purchase again!
By   - CNA from Atlanta on 6/16/2016
I love lilacs so I decided to try this. It is lovely on me and lasts a long time. It develops nicely on my skin and happily the lilac stays throughout the drydown!
By   - managerial from Manchester on 5/25/2016
Not sure why, but I very much wanted to like this. Instead I find I only get lilac if I repeat the word lilac over and over again as I smell it. Without the mantra -- and even with it -- it's too sweet for my tastes. I get no iris at all.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/24/2016
Agree with Retired from NC. Beautiful opening, perfectly balanced and enticing but softens too soon to be anything extraordinary.
By   - PA from Coronado on 5/5/2016
Lovely,soft,feminine. Doesn't last past 30 minutes. Glad I tried sample first .
By   - Retired from N.C. on 4/28/2016
This reminds me of the violette pastilles candy I used to eat as a child. Sweet and feminine, but with a dark side. The wood accord keeps the powdery florals grounded. It makes me feel mischievous. I like it!
By   - Stylist from Denver on 4/4/2016
Started out floral, sweet, heady, and addicting. Dried down to a pepper & spiced woods smell. Would not buy.
By   - Female from So Cal on 3/31/2016
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