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Aqua Universalis Forte

Eau de Parfum

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Nice bergamot, fresh but not light. "strong" indeed.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
Nice, definitely strong!! It's got a light clean floral smell, inoffensive but a little goes a long way. I"m mulling a fb, wish I could get 20-30ml...
By   - Business from Boston on 10/29/2020
Completely terrible on me. Really enjoyed the original but this one has that toilet air freshener feel that a lot of "clean" scents end up having.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/15/2019
So fresh and clean! This fragrance is a staple in my collection for the seasons of spring and summer.
By   - Musician  from Pensacola on 1/27/2017
It's inoffensive, but it's just so ordinary to me. It smells like 100 other generic fresh perfumes. It also developed an unpleasant pungency on my skin (citrus scents do that on me, so that might be the cause). I gave it an hour, then scrubbed it off.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/18/2016
This is to feminine for me. I don't see how this is unisex. It was to floral for me. It is a nice scent for a female but no way is it for a male.
By   - from texas on 1/7/2014
This is very well composed and super weird if one smells its whole expression over time on a piece of paper. It takes one through a progression of 'fresh' smells that include grass and laundry aldehydes as well as muguet and rose. It's structured like a french perfume, there is also a fascinating animalic underpinning, but all the usual metaphors--that perfume notes should be based in natural smells of plants and animals-- are transposed into modern idiom--notes based in modern ideas of 'clean' and 'fresh.' This is unusual for something meant to smell so light and cologne-like. It's really brilliant but can be challenging to wear, because it's like an abstract piece of art rather than something that just smells good all the time. You can't really forget it's there--but that can be a good thing!
By   - Producer from Los Angeles on 3/21/2013
Liquid gold!
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 11/16/2012
This is testament to the fact that a scent doesn't have to be "in your face" to be stunning. An absolutely seamless blend of citrus, floral and light woods. Certainly, those elements have been combined in many fragrances before, but never this harmoniously, in my experience. It stays close to the skin, just sort of whispering its beauty, but the sillage is great. This may not appeal to those that want/expect their scents to be more pronounced, but for me it is perfection (so I bought a full bottle despite the hefty price.) And, as other reviewers have also experienced, I seem to get more compliments on this than anything else in my collection of scents.
By   - art dealer from chicago on 8/19/2012
Fresh, citrussy & cologne-like throughout it's duration, this lemon, rose & jasmine scent dries down to light woods in the base. Lovely, refreshing summer daytime scent.
By   - from southampton uk on 6/15/2012
This is my new go to perfume. After making a pilgrimage to Bergdoff's in NYC, I spent half a day sniffing perfumes - I spent most of my time at this counter sniffing all of FK's scents. This one was so clean, so uplifting, yet so much more complex than a plain citrus that I went with it. I've worn it for a few weeks and I think it's garnered more "Oooh, what is that perfume" remarks than any other. I can smell it on my clothes days later and 1-2 squirts last a long time since it's 40% concentration. I'd definitely recommend the perfume strength. This is high quality stuff that smells GREAT.
By   - College Consultant from Weybridge on 5/14/2012
I found one that's all me!! This one's my all-year- round enjoyable holy grail of scent. From the beginning to end, I just love it. Lovely, uplifting, and inviting. A real boost. I've gone through dozens of samples. Full bottle, here I come!
By   - Teacher from San Diego on 3/13/2012
the only thing that annoyed me about this magnificent fragrance was the half hour i spent this morning sending links and making phone calls to the receptionist at the doctors office i went to yesterday who begged me to call her with the info about it. and my friend insisting i send her the link for it today after she smelled me and went nuts over it last night. so, there you go, the first day i wore it, i had work to do passing on the beauty of something i was trying to pretend could be my signature scent. but how can i not share such beauty with others. it gets you those lines like, oh wow, you smell great, what are you wearing, i must get it.
By   - makeup artist from pa. on 10/18/2011
I have been asked numerous times what that beautiful scent is and told by others that they love whatever it is that I am wearing. Fun!
By   - Special events decorator from Ohio on 9/9/2011
A really beauitful scent - along the lines of Chanel No.5 -honestly. This is probably what No.5 Eau Premiere should have been. The bergamot in this is wonderful. I dare say, it is a masterpiece. Bright savory sweet citrus top notes , slightly indolic jasmine and rose ( most like Chanel No .5 ) . The orange blossom is finely sweet as well. Nothing overpowers ,all is in balance. Just beautiful and classical. Good lasting power .
By  on 9/6/2011
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