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Feminin Pluriel

Eau de Parfum

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You just scanned your boarding pass and now it’s time to board the plane. You drag your carry-on luggage behind you and walk down the jet bridge, the smell of BO, dirty luggage, and jet fuel fill the air. Feminin Pluriel by MFK. They should have named this Delta
By   - IT from New York on 10/4/2020
Harsh opening, like Estee Lauder's Pleasures on steroids. Massive bright florals, but sadly I did not detect any violet, rose, or orange despite a respray later in the day. Notwithstanding the slap in the face explosion of pink florals féminin Pluriel does settle down after a bit and mellows out to a wearable perfume leaning heavy on the vetiver and Grasse rose. Sillage is massive in the beginning but trails down to a light touch after 3 or so hours. féminin Pluriel throws all the cards out in the first hour and slinks out of the room before lunchtime.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
this is a nice well-done blend of flowers, very feminine and not too sweet; i adore this smell, something i wanna wear when there are guests or around winter time! I find this also to be a perfect perfume to gift any women. (mother, sister, friend, wife, etc)
By   - UAE from Abu Dhabi on 1/27/2018
I love MFK perfumes.. I have several of them... I've tried them all. So Feminine Pluriel- flowers.. -but not sweet or "Lolita" girly. Just happy..midi silk dusty rose color dress, beautiful summer evening..breeze... pleasant calming and "feminine" It's a "good girl "smell.. it is sexy but quiet sexy... Very good lasting power..( perfumes don't usually last on my dry/ fair completion skin.. FP lasts morning till evening. It slowly changes from flowers ( all flowers- none of the flowers is stronger than others) to flowers&clean powdery. I like it a lot...
By   - Lawyer from Paris on 10/4/2016
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