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Baccarat Rouge 540 Hair Mist

Scented Hair Perfume

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I love Baccarat Rouge 540 and was looking for a scented hair mist to use on dry shampoo days. This smells incredible, but the scent is much softer and does not last or have the sillage anywhere near BR540 EDP. Not even close. I expected it to be less intense so that isn't such an issue for me. My main complaint is with the sprayer. I was expecting a fine mist for larger disbursement that I could use to freshen up through the day, but this spritzes out a concentrated stream of liquid that will leave a wet spot in your hair. Very strange, especially since you will have to spritz multiple times and will wind up with quite a bit of wet hair. Disappointing and I would not repurchase.
By   - Why?? from Clifton on 12/6/2019
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