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Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait

Extrait de Parfum

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OH MY GOODNESS.......Can't say any perfume blew me away like this. It makes me think it was made just for me. Like I'm somebody special. Total masterpiece. Van Gogh, Michaelangelo, Rembrant all intertwined in one fragrance. Stand up alive gorgeous, not drop dead gorgeous. No perfume ever made me drunk on it. Well, maybe my first real one. Before I knew someone would create something just for me.
By   - Secretary from Philly on 9/27/2021
I am a fragrance collector, so I have met many perfumes. Like people, perfumes have personalities and behaviors unique to each. Some mix well with me. Some not. This extrait is my perfect match, my soul mate of perfumes. It unfolds on my skin as a sweet saffron, bolstered by burning wood, that twists into a whirlwind that swallows me. I am not sure if I will be able to wear any of my other perfumes without feeling a bit unfaithful to this perfect love.
By   - Physician from Louisville on 3/11/2021
Really nice, rich, saffron is almost buttery. A little goes almost too far as is typical for extrait formulations. I could see this working on some men or some women; it's not for everyone everyday.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Expensive AF but I can't say anything negative about the scent. It's yummy without being gourmand, subtle yet sensual, warm and comforting and intriguing and. so expensive, aughhh.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/29/2020
A story for you all. I was walking through a gentleman's lounge and fashion store in Minneapolis and noticed a deeply pleasing scent in the air to where I asked a gentleman what that scent could be. It was a woman from about 200 ft away who sprayed this fragrance into the air. This scent is strong, intimidating, sexy, and most of all unique. I was enamored.
By   - Sales Executive from Minneapolis on 10/19/2020
This is the epitome of sophisticated feminine fragrance. Incredible staying power, The old adage, " You get what you pay for " certainly applies here. Oozes class and decorum and bids all to stand at attention and pay homage .
By   - Veterinarian from Sunrise on 6/29/2020
I understand all of the hype around this fragrance. It is the most beautiful balance of floral and sweet. Not sugary not over whelming it is elegant and beautiful.
By   - sales from Atlanta on 2/14/2020
Beware!!! You will become addicted to this perfume! Absolutely amazing. Loved it from the first try! Highly recommend it.
By   - Housewife  from New York on 1/2/2020
Beautiful opening and a lovely scent. However, I am a lover of scents like "Portrait of a Lady" and "Musc Ravageur", so I am always on the hunt for a scent that will blow me away and make me give a deep sigh as soon as the opening note hits me. Unfortunately, there was no blowing me away with this scent. Though, it is smells lovely and is Worlds better than any dept store "designer" fragrance, I feel like a "cute" "lovely" "pretty" young lady in this perfume. When I really want something to make me feel like a GODDESS!
By   - Office from NYC on 10/16/2017
A profoundly skin-conscious cedar that is by turns juicy and dusty -- multifaceted, you might say, just like the crystal. I think I might like this a bit more for gentlemen, but it’s a deeply amiable fragrance in any case.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/14/2017
I received this today 9/14/17 at 3:50 PM as a bonus sample amidst the others in the fragrance fitting program. I have tried over 50 col. For niche, I have owned Amouage Opus VI and Montale Red Aoud. I have sampled Amouage interlude man and Reflection man, Montale Tropical Wood, By Kilian Cruel Intention, PDM Godolphin, Nasomato black afgano(today) and Pardon, Sammarco vitrum, Andy Tauer Moroccain, Santa Eulalia obscuro, Timothy Han on the road, Tauerville Fruitchouli. hweew. From the first whip and 30 minutes later I was still screaming. $450 for this scent is definitely worth it but i think its worth $50K.
By   - RTS Tech Support from Fargo ND on 9/14/2017
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