Aqua Universalis Laundry detergent
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The laundry chore has suddenly become glamorous. In a clever and slyly humorous take on the trend for “clean” fragrances, Francis Kurkdjian has become the first prestige perfumer to sign a detergent. The citrus, musk, lily of the valley and orange blossom scent of his Aqua Universalis laundry liquid has been composed with the same care and refinement as an eau de toilette. In fact, it is also an eau de toilette, which means your personal fragrance needs never clash again with the smell of your freshly laundered clothes.

The Aqua Universalis detergent comes in two versions, one for bright colors and another for dark ones, with a matching fabric softener. Each 35 oz. bottle is good for twenty washes. Try it, and you'll know why the Tout-Paris is suddenly beating a path to the Laundromat.

Aqua Universalis Laundry detergent 35 oz.
fabric softener $45
for darks $45
whites & colors $45
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