Un Air de Diptyque

Electric Diffuser

by Diptyque

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An exceptional object. Sophisticated in both its design and technique, this innovation uses contemporary technology to diffuse some of our most beloved fragrances. It is an air, discreetly breathed through the beautiful electric diffuser, evaporating into five perfumes, each representing a symbolic scent.

The design of the object itself is distinguished by its plain, timeless appearance, clearly part of the sensitive, decorative world of diptyque. It will blend in easily in any setting, suburban, Bohemian or contemporary, enhancing the ambient fragrance to the maximum. Ceramic and metal, with superlative functional features, this object beautifully expresses an essential desire and proven expertise.

This is what makes it truly original and exclusive. The ingenious, hermetically-sealed capsules, oval-shaped and printed with the company's symbolic codes, contain a specific scent that is note-perfect.

You simply slide one into the little hi-tech machine, then switch it on by pressing the top, and let it diffuse the scent 3 times during a 1-hour cycle (10 minutes active, 10 minutes rest). Repeat as often as you wish.

Scented diffuser capsules sold separately.

Un Air de Diptyque Sizes Available
1pc $350
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