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I bought this based SOLELY on Steve's recommendation on the IG live (and the fact that I love Diptyque), and let me tell you - it does not disappoint. I LOVE IT. Watch the video if you haven't already, because his description is spot-on. It is powdery but not old lady-powdery, clean-ish but not in a laundry kind of way, elegant as all get out, and just lovely. The drydown does indeed get to a slight smoke accord, as promised, and that does not disappoint either. A new favorite and I will be wearing this year-round.
By   - Legal Business Manager from Fairfax, VA on 4/2/2021
Was sorely disappointed...It was exceptionally soapy smelling. I thought perhaps if I let it sit the juniper would settle but it only got more soapy. There is a nice spice element that pokes though occasionally, but won’t even be finishing the sample
By   - Dietitian  from Utah on 3/29/2021
I was in Miami at sacks and was looking for a fb. I actually was trying to get tobacco manderin from byredo because it was very different and I don't have a tobacco forward scent, but no luck out of stock. Then was morning chess by villhelm(spell) no luck or if stock. This was my third choice because I do have some along these lines. Given the notes it is a little misleading as you may think your getting a heavy scent. This is a dumb reach and good for any occasion. Longevity could be better, I have bad skin, but I got 3 hours out of it
By   - Counselor from Winter Garden on 3/20/2021
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