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I really wanted to love this fragrance, given how beloved it is. But on me, all I get is a top note of overpowering sandalwood and then the dry-down smells like bug repellent. Yes, it smells like a walk in the woods, but not in a good way.
By   - Marketing from Seattle on 6/15/2021
I tried this scent and Premier Figuier at the same time because I tried my first fig and almond scent and fell in love with the fig note. They are both very similar on the dry down with a milky fig taking centre stage. But this one starts out warm and sweet right from the get-go on me with some greenery only playing around in the background. I would also say that it has better projection and longevity. I would have loved more greenery considering the notes but it's still my favourite fig scent so far!
By   - Chef from Surrey on 2/21/2021
This scent is incredible. Loved the sample so much I immediately purchased a full bottle. Starts out beautifully green. When I got my full bottle and couldn't help but douse myself in it, my partner said, "You smell like plants. I like it." Slowly dries down to a soft, milky fig, though it still retains some of that green note. This is a very comforting scent, unlike anything else in my collection.
By   - Volunteer Coordinator from Iowa on 2/12/2021
Aromatic wood scent! Amazing!!
By   - CEO from Minnesota on 11/17/2020
Quite nice; I agree with some other reviewers that it's the whole fig tree—leaves, blossoms, fruit, wood, and maybe a milky sap? I wasn't expecting it to be so creamy. This is NOT a punchy aggro fig; it's gentle although on me it's stayed present for a few hours now. Just a tree hanging out.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/25/2020
What can you say about this unique classic? It's just summer bliss in a bottle. Sweet green-and-purple figs. Juicy, fruity, moist, verdant. As has been oft-said, this is not only the fruit, but the leaves, bark, and cool shaded glade in which it quietly grows. This scent is such a poignant memory-jogger... always seems to elicit innocent, happy childhood memories. Oddly, this scent would work in a casual AND formal setting. The coconut nuance is discreet and only enhances the fruit in a logical, pleasing way. A modern masterpiece.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/10/2018
i keep coming back to this. I just love how fresh it is. Figs, but green and bright. it cuts through the air with a striking authority--it does not demand attention, it isn't loud in any way, but people can't help but notice.
By   - student from denver on 2/24/2018
Oh, the figs! This is just about the most figgy fragrance I've ever experienced. It puts me in mind of the fig-based concoction from Atelier (that I don't see listed here anymore), except Philosykos is even more fig-tastic. On my skin, the fruit is dominant... and I understand the reference to Hawaii (where figs do NOT grow) in the review below, because I get the slightest hint of coconut. Overall, this is too sweet for my tastes, I admit that it's making my hungry... for FIGS! If this is a note you adore, you cannot go wrong. Figalicious!
By   - Project Manager from Providence, RI on 6/26/2017
Lovely. Not just a one-dimensional fig fragrance; you can actually smell the entire tree's wood, green leaves, blossoms and figs. There is a milky note I really like that rounds out any sharpness and brings dimension. Easy to wear and for me it's an escapist scent that takes my imagination to Greece where Olivia Giacobetti found her inspiration. I purchased a WB and now my sons to wear it too.
By   - Sales from So Cal on 3/25/2017
Big, glorious fig open and whispery dry down. Unfortunately, it disappears on my skin within an hour. A spritze on my clothing is gone in about the same time. That is always, though, my trouble with the Diptyque scents.
By   - professor from dallas on 1/5/2016
Wow! Perfect. I've been looking for this scent forever, and finally I found it - the perfume that smells like Hawaii! Crazy, huh? Sure enough: it opens with ocean spray, wind, sand, jungle botanical gardens, CELERY (!!!), and a hint of coconut cream. After a while, you notice the unmistakable fig. It's super light, breezy, and wears so well. Holy cow!
By   - Beach Comber from Nowhere on 10/1/2015
Let us begin by saying Olivia Giacobetti is a genius. I love everything I've tried by OG. Consequently, Philosykos is impressive. I would describe it as a dry fig fragrance, meaning that it smells like the entire fig tree and not just the fig fruit. If you're looking for a really sweet, fruity fig, this is not it. If you're looking for a light, fresh, green fig...this might be your holy grail. Keep in mind, this is not a heavy fragrance, it is light as air ( a style Giacobetti is known for). I never usually like fragrances that an be described as fresh or green, however, I love this one. I spray it on considerably and it is still not overwhelming. Worth the money!
By   - from New England on 6/9/2014
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