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What a huge disappointment but that's been my experience with the house for the past twenty years, why did I blind buy this? There's no patchouli there, heck, there's nothing here. " Keep on moving lady, nothing to see here." The bottle indicates that it's 77% by volume, well, the other 23 percent must be water.
By   - Man about Town from Washingtion DC on 3/13/2021
I did not like this at first. I'm not sure why because patchouli is my favorite note in perfumery. I tried it a few more times however and then fell in love. I only bought the travel size to make sure I really liked it, but every time I wear it it grows more into a love. I think it's the clary sage that really sold me on it. Now I'd like a full bottle.
By   - Mom from San Diego on 9/30/2018
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