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Nice clean, creamy sandalwood; as it dries down I do get a hint of a play-doh note lurking there but it never comes out to steal the show. Agree with some other reviewers that the vanilla stays backstage as well. On me it's not too masculine but I'll let Mr A try it as well.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/25/2020
For some reason this ended up being my go-to everyday perfume. I can’t get enough of it. Bought a full bottle early this year and I’m already more than halfway through, that’s how much I love it.
By   - Artist  from Singapore on 9/20/2019
I love this on my skin! Got a sample and will purchase FB... there's something almost peppery about this on me that I can't get enough of. I thought it would be overwhelming because it's a bit heavier that anything I thought I would enjoy but I keep going back to it. Recently was traveling for work and I kind of missed it - I put it on as soon as i got home. Perhaps I would not wear this in the summer, but for fall/winter it is perfect.
By   - HR Guru from Denver on 12/17/2018
Yes! Delicious, fascinating, complex and beautifully balanced. Num. Seems perfect for women or men.
By   - founder from Providence on 6/3/2018
Got just a sample size. A wonderful smell like inside an old clean dresser drawer... but too masculine for me. Passed on to to a friend who LOVES it!
By   - Social Worker from Mesa on 5/15/2018
I bought this after trying the sample back in 2015. It i snot 2018 and I still have over half the bottle, I love the scent and do one spray after I shower and dry off. The scent is like heaven and last all day, sometimes I wake up the next day with a hint of it left. This scent helped me out during a very anxious time in my life.
By   - Inspector from San Antonio on 1/15/2018
nice sandalwood and cedarwood scent. kind of woodsy and smoky on me. It's too masculine for me though. I think this would be better on a man.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 8/4/2017
I want to make sure Luckyscent never runs out of this stuff, so I give it my 5 stars. A true favorite, after trying over 200 scents.
By   - writer from Chicago on 6/13/2017
EDT vs EDP comparison: Overall, scents are very similar, but longevity and projection justify the price difference. EDP has a stronger cedar presence, especially during the first hour, while EDT is more or less a sandalwood soliflore. I detect a hint of lime zest at the top of the EDT. EDP is very reminiscent of Santal 33 at first - a wood furniture accord that some might find difficult to wear. EDT is quite linear and lasts about three hours on my skin with low to very low projection. EDP dries down beautifully to something very similar to Gypsy Water- ambery, cashmere musk with a touch of lemon and pine (the cypress, perhaps?). Projection is moderate to low, lasts about six hours.
By   - Intern from Portland, OR on 10/10/2016
I'm a big fan of Tom Ford, Penhaligen and Creed (House of Creed). This is right up there with those amazing brands. I haven't worn it for a few days and still have people asking me about it. A client told me she was still smelling it long after she'd left my office. This will definitely be one of my go to fragrances.
By   - Fashion Designer  from Dallas on 2/15/2016
Not overwhelmingly woody or it would be overbearing -nothing like the Mysore Lutens which was way too strong for my taste. The woodsy smell is tamed somewhat by the citrus notes that cut through and make it lighter and crisper. Luckily for me, the vanilla does not stand out as too much vanilla is a scent killer. Worth trying a sample of this to see if you like it - could work on a man or a woman and very nice drydown, medium sillage.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 1/3/2016
Tam wow! I am unable to stop sniffing myself. And unable to stop making other people sniff me. I could roll around in this fragrance all day. It reminds me of the towels at the swanky rainforest resort I visited with the first husband. I couldn't stop sniffing them either. This fragrance makes me want to strip down and run through the forest naked. Well with shoes to protect my feet ya know. Warm, sensual.
By   - Artist from Atlanta on 12/6/2015
This is about as good as it gets for straight ahead sandalwood (these days). Top notes are strong and citrusy.....but drydown leads to a great core sandalwood....Guys, you will get many compliments on this....a great scent for any occasion...girls will love this on you!!
By   - VP R&D Consumer Products from Milford CT on 12/3/2015
This is a beautiful creamy woody fragrance and I have received many compliments whilst wearing it. One person even declared it to be the most wonderful perfume she had smelt, ever! In contrast to the previous reviewer (I am female) I find this fragrance to be slightly on the feminine side of unisex fragrances, without being sweet. It doesn't last particularly well and requires several top ups during the day which is my only criticism, otherwise it's absolutely gorgeous, I love it, others around me love it and I'll be wearing and enjoying this fragrance for years to come.
By  on 1/15/2015
I admit that I am a sucker for woody fragrances. What can I say? I go camping, ya know? I was sent a sample of this by Luckyscent with an order, and I have to say that they have definitely figured out what I like. You might think that pairing cedar and sandalwood as the two dominant notes might be too much of a good thing, but the citrusy lime note and the incensey amber balance it all out on my skin, and the resulting cocktail is warm and bright at the same time. Do I smell a little bit like a pencil box made in the Far East? Yes... yes I do. And it's making me very happy. The wood notes are indeed dominant, but not in the almost gimmicky way that ruins many of the Slumberhouse offerings. This is evocative of an antique shop in Shanghai... a little dark, a little dusty, but very intriguing and dead sexy (without being aggressively sexual). Oh, and I would slide the gender scale on this one over to masculine... hard to imagine a woman wearing this, but it might work on some. This will be my next full bottle, without a doubt. Four stars instead of five because in my trials I have found it a bit short-lived for my tastes. But other than that, it's a complete winner for fans of wood notes.
By   - from Providence on 10/23/2014
I was never a fan of the EDT - it struck me as more of a cedar based composition. With this EDP it seems Diptyque have got it right. I have yet to see any real info about the recent influx of Santalum Album that has apparently been grown in Oz (which means planting 30+ years ago) but with Olvia Giacobetti's recent L'Arbre and now this I am getting my Mysore fix at last. If you are familiar with real Mysore (as experienced in the 70s before stocks dried up) then I strongly recommend Tam Dao EDP - lovely stuff.
By   - Music from Hong Kong on 10/31/2013
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