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Both warm and cold making it perfect for any season. A mixture of cold spices and warm vanilla. Sexy, soft and dangerous! It lays close to your skin making any person wanting to smell more come closer and closer. A plus plus.
By   - Fragrance Consultant from NEW YORK on 5/18/2016
This is one of my favorite scents ever. It's up there with Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille for my signature scent. On me, it's very warm and sweet with just a touch of incense complexity in the back. I love it. It's sweet without being cloying or plain.
By   - Writer from Philadelphia on 3/3/2016
I'm a sucker for cardamom fragrances and this one is no exception! It's a lovely vanilla and soft spice fragrances. It's not dark or heavy, but a nice wearable lightly spiced vanilla. If someone was venturing into trying more complicated vanillas, this would be a nice starter fragrance.
By   - SAHM from San Diego on 5/29/2015
well, it's exactly as described, a powdery and boozy vanilla. very straightforward.
By  on 4/20/2015
Incense the way it should be done. Not heavy,cloying,or dark...but full of a warm golden light. The vanilla note only serves to round the edges of the naturally sharp notes of real frankincense. The tea is a real spice shop/loose leaf blend that lends a nice depth. The only critique I have of this perfume at all is the sillage. I spray ( heavily ) and its gone in a few short hours at best. I could go through a bottle in a month easy.
By  on 3/11/2012
I love the whole Diptyque line and own about 8 of them. This was offered to me when another Vanilla, I think Mona's, RIP, so I trusted the person on the other end of the phone. Glad I did! I love it I could write all the reasons why, it smells so French. Italy has a line called I Profumi de Firenze, it's similar in price and they sit beside eachother on My counter. I thinks it's fitting. I'm in love withDuelle and will be keeping stock of this The Don Son is perfect, OLENE IS SUPREME, Tam Dao surprises as it drys on the skin. But with a Diptyque you cannot go wrong. So glad I found it.
By   - Homeachooling Mother from Tucson on 1/19/2012
This reminds me of a less boozy version of Spiritueuse Double Vanille, or Havana Vanille minus the opening, in other words its rather blah..... That said if your looking for a less sweet (pods) like Vanilla this will do the trick.
By   - Shot Caller from Phoenix on 10/19/2011
Very beautiful bourbon vanilla with a gorgeous incense note to compliment it. This is the most versatile vanilla fragrance. Men and women, in any season can wear this beauty.
By   - musician from Pensacola on 10/5/2011
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Eau Duelle and can not live without it..It is discreet and soft and just blends into the skin in such a fantastic way. Friends dont notice it unless they come really close and they use every excuse to...
By   - from Sydney on 7/10/2011
This is an interesting vanilla, smoky and spicy with a slight hint citrus, not sweet at all. (which I prefer). However, I swear it lasts 2 hours tops. If you're looking for a spicy vanilla with staying power, Havana Vanille is a better buy. I give it 3 1/2 stars.
By   - from San Jose on 6/23/2011
Anything that contains all these interesting spice notes has my name all over it. I really loved the opening of this with the cardamom, etc. About 2 hours later, I was thinking the vanilla was just an afterthought when it finally appeared. Oddly enough, it really jumped out when I sprayed Diptyque's Eau l'Hesperidies on the other arm. It was so dramatic, I looked around for the vanilla hot chocolate that I was suddenly experiencing. This is an interesting scent, but not a dramatically wonderful one. Lasts about 5 hours.
By   - Stylist from South of San Francisco on 4/4/2011
Love, love, love! My next FB purchase. I hate sweet vanillas but I love vanilla and this is a great one for the spring/summer. The opening is like a jolt of tea spice and it dries down (maybe a little too quickly) into a lovely vanilla musk scent. Buy the biggest increment you can afford because this doesn't last too long (4 hours tops) so you'll need to reapply midday to keep the lovefest raging on.
By   - SAHM from NY on 3/1/2011
Really like this. Probably my next full bottle purchase.
By   - from Dothan, AL on 2/18/2011
Okay, guys. I do not mean to be a killjoy, but this is NOT the one.
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 2/14/2011
I find that Eau Duelle is a wonderful daytime fragrance. It stays close to the body, so it won't offend anyone, and it is perfectly office appropriate. I get mostly soft vanilla with a hint of herbal notes rather than spice. I love the fact that it is not as sweet as most vanilla centered perfumes like SDV - and Eau Duelle is all about vanilla to me. I also love the fact that it is available in a solid compact, so I can throw it in my bag, although I don't actually need to reapply often because I find that it last a good 4 to 6 hours.
By  on 12/20/2010
Beyond gorgeous, but passed on it due to the sillage, which is less than 10 minutes.
By   - writer from LA on 12/1/2010
I think of this as a creamy mix of vanilla and spice. Definitely a slight lemony burst but immediately fades to spice and fades to a soft, sweet vanilla. How anyone could miss the vanilla in this, I don't know.
By   - designer  from new york on 11/14/2010
I think of this as a cardamon scent, not vanilla. It has a clean lemon powder opening, with dry cardamon swirling about. It's a style I love.
By   - from Vancouver,Canada on 10/24/2010
By   - from Oslo on 10/12/2010
Slightly spicy, floral, sweet.
By  on 10/5/2010
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