Sandalwood & Patchouli

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Vilhelm Parfumerie
Do Not Disturb
Spicy, musky patchouli with a distinctive carrot note.
$150 - $245
Areej Le Dore
The Mysore Incense
Buttery, creamy sandalwood smoke more nuanced than almost any incense we've experienced.
Jovoy Paris
A seductive swirl of amber and vanilla make this a particularly rich and beguiling patchouli scent.
A modern, woody patchouli with Jeroboam's signature ambered musk for a stylish and compelling balance.
ERIS Parfums
Peppery, smoky sandalwood enchants and delights in this unisex cult classic.
Maison Louis Marie
No.04 Bois de Balincourt - Eau de Parfum
An enchantingly spicy sandalwood fragrance with cedar, cinnamon, and nutmeg- a stylish unisex in the vein of cult classic Santal 33.
A subtle and sophisticated patchouli scent with classic Diptyque elegance.
BDK Parfums
Pas Ce Soir
Fans of Angel and Tom Ford Black Orchid will fall madly in love with this fun, sexy fruit-chouli scent.
Serge Lutens
Santal Majuscule
Mouthwatering gourmand sandalwood with a delightful touch of cocoa and tonka bean.
Floris London
A smooth, sophisticated, easygoing sandalwood fougere- an anytime-perfect masculine.
BDK Parfums
Gris Charnel
A sophisticated and compelling sandalwood scent with creamy fig and smooth, unisex iris.
Fragrance du Bois
Santal Complet
Mouthwatering, creamy sandalwood with a delightfully tropical coconut. As gorgeous as it is delicious!
Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561
Patchouly Indonesiano
A grand and exotic symphony of dark, chewy sweetness and fresh-tilled earth- a perfect patchouli.
Affinessence Paris
Santal Basmati
An alluringly milky basmati rice note separates this gourmand sandalwood from the pack.
$175 - $375
Affinessence Paris
Patchouli Oud
Sweet, resinous, earthy and deep, this intoxicating patchouli scent has real staying power.
$175 - $375
Keiko Mecheri
Makassar (formerly Bois de Santal)
A delicate and sweet sandalwood lightened with a perfect floral note of osmanthus.
Une Nuit Nomade
Memory Motel
Smoky, spicy patchouli with a perfect touch of vanilla.
Etat Libre d'Orange
Une Amourette Roland Mouret
An unforgettably smooth and sexy iris with toasty woods and subtle vanilla- gorgeous!
$58 - $149
Loree Rodkin
Gothic I - Perfume Oil
A true cult classic, this sweet, creamy vanilla blends incense, amber, and patchouli for a hypnotic scent that's part hippy, part haute couture.
Loree Rodkin
Gothic II - Perfume Oil
A dark and brooding blend of rare woods and patchouli laced with hypnotic incense and ravishing vanilla. For fans of Gothic I looking for something even more beguilingly earthy.
By Kilian
Straight to Heaven
Rum soaked and boozy fabulous, Straight To Heaven is pure patchouli decadence.
$195 - $240
Patchouli Leaves
Rich, warm, and earthy, Montale's signature patchouli scent is a patch lover's dream come true.
Monsieur Beauregard
Creamy, smooth, and gently spiced, this elegant patchouli-sandalwood musk lingers for days.
Parle Moi de Parfum
Milky Musk
Gorgeous milky sandalwood with a touch of green fig- a followup to Gucci Rush from its legendary creator Michel Almairac.
$145 - $235
Yummy, fruity pineapple sandalwood- a tropical delight!
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