Santal Basmati

Eau de Parfum

by Affinessence Paris

Santal Basmati Sizes Available:
100ml $375
0.7ml sample $8
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.... if you know what it smells like while making Basmati in your home... that warm, comforting, creamy, buttery smell - imagine adding the soapy clean goodness of sandalwood. It is truly delicious. Right off the bat you can smell the Basmati - it is divine. As this dries down, the sandalwood is more prominent - but it feels like you''re smelling the sandalwood under your nose - in your kitchen while the Basmati cooks... vapors of the rice blending with the wood and cashmeran - I don''t get too much patchouli. There is something a bit bright in there seemingly to level the notes or perhaps bring them together. Nonetheless - it is creamy, delicious - a different type of yummy gourmande. FB worthy ...
By   - medicine from Miami on 5/11/2018
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