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I’ve been wearing this scent for a long time and I absolutely love it. It’s subtle, cozy, sexy - like a cashmere sweater coming off your shoulders. It’s creamy/woody sandalwood accented by ambergris and spices Definitely need to get up close to smell it - which I like. Nothing gets me compliments like this scent does. Given the craze around santal33, I’m surprised that this one doesn’t get more love. Anyone could wear it, anytime.
By   - PM from Oakland on 10/31/2020
Sandalwood is dominant mixed with incense and other woods. Similar to scents like Wonderwood from CdG. A fine fragrance but definitely for those who like spice woods.
By   - entrepreneur from Oklahoma City on 3/25/2019
If you loved Bois Farine, this will be right up your alley. It has all the weird peanut butter dough notes without any of the sugariness that was Bois Farine. Do I like this one? It's interesting and does not walk into a room before I do, is softly woody without reeking of sandalore or other patently synthetic woods but it's not unique enough to make me press the 'buy' button. Nice cold weather scent, though. Wafts of this coming from beneath layers of thermals and wool have a casually sensual appeal.
By   - Physician's Assistant from Seattle on 11/17/2018
Creative concept and combination of notes, but unfortunately, turns out to be pretty much "meh" for me. The scent is pleasant enough and not captivating. Nothing about it really comes forward to mean much for me. Perhaps the commitment to gender neutrality and "playing both sides of the fence" has resulted in, basically, a neutral fragrance.
By   - Farmer from The Farmland on 12/9/2017
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