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Santal Complet

Eau de Parfum

Santal Complet Sizes Available:
100ml Eau de Parfum $350
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Santal Complet...
Beautiful complexity! The initial spray is a hybrid of soft lemon, warm coconut, a hint of pepper, and creamy/milky sandalwood. The warm amber really takes over within the first hour and it continues to be a very warm, creamy sandalwood, amber, and vanilla combo. Very well done - definitely on my "wishlist" for new purchase.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 7/8/2019
I have been looking for sandalwood scents and tropical scents and this is both. I initially rejected it but decided to try it again. It is beautiful. It takes me to my beloved tropics. I love coconut and this is a perfume that does it really well. I get very little violet. I get coconut, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber in a marvelous combination. This smells good!
By   - retired from Manchester on 11/2/2018
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