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Gravitas Pour Homme

Eau de Parfum

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This smelled really great on the test strip, it has a really herbaceous opening with lots of lavender. Unfortunately, I don't think this scent agrees with my skin as I could barely smell it at all once it dried down and could only just barely smell a little ambergris, patchouli, and vanilla, but only when my nose was practically pressed right up against the skin. I'd recommend buying a sample first (like I did) to make sure it works on your skin.
By   - Plant Operator from Adelaide on 10/2/2021
I bought one of the first bottles. Love this scent, love how it stays classy yet modern at the same time. This is spicy, slightly sweet, green-woody-vanilic with serious patchouli in the base. it remind me not just one but a few fragrances all together: Creed Viking, Invasion Barbare by MDCI, Roja Danger. Having said that, it does bot really smell like any of them directly, just has some qualities that give you passing similarities to those scents. Must sample, full bottle worthy if you ask me. You have to like the above scents to some degree to like this one. Great performance and excellent presentation. Highly receommend!
By   - Enterpreneur from NY on 12/27/2020
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