John Stephen

Country: United Kingdom

As the owner of the Cotswold Perfumery, a traditional British fine perfumery shop that creates ultra high-end custom scents, John Stephen has invented fragrances for a veritable who’s-who of British aristocracy, all the way up to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. That honor, in fact, landed him in a bit of hot water, when he proudly announced his creation of several personal and household scents for the residents of Buckingham Palace, supposedly against the instructions of the Royal Family. But what’s not up for debate is Stephen’s quintessentially British fragrance expertise, hard-earned through years of helping his mother create and later run the family business. Outside of the picturesque workshop setting, Stephen is also a nose in high demand, having created the entire first line of the universally acclaimed Boadicea The Victorious brand, for which he is still in charge of quality control and production.

John Stephen perfumer image
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