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I hated this frag on first spray - I was like "Ohhhh soap". Then I sniffed my wrist about 3 minutes later - and my tune changed to "Oh my, what are you?" This is so fougere as to be shocking if you aren't ready. The top is incredibly ... sweet isn't the word .... more freshy green, and then it just sinks into a complex spring/summer invigorating scent. Sillage: 2 - 3 feet at the 90 minute mark Longevity: Strong at 4 hours Wearable to: Anything that's not black tie. Inspires Visions of: A gentleman in a seersucker suit, croquet mallet propped against his leg, posed against a expansive lawn - filled with other well dressed people. He enjoys a long sip from a fresh mint julep as a stray ball runs into his foot. "Ho Ho", he chuckles. Fade.
By   - The Scented Gent from Cherry Hill on 2/24/2021
Agree with Frederic, Manuel has another masterpiece (have Jasmine Antique). The lavender is superb, but this is much more. The richness and depth of a vintage fougere with a contemporary freshness. An absolute pleasure to wear. The master blending and quality of ingredients, shine.
By   - Caregiver from Maine on 1/26/2021
Amazing classic power fougere! i first got the 30ml bottle and am almost through it after a few weeks. that is how good it is.
By   - exec from California on 11/24/2020
Just as good as the description makes it sound! After buying a bottle of Fougere L'Aube (& a backup!), I'd been waiting for another Manuel Cross fougere that pushed the limits. Well - Here we are! Don't get me wrong; they are not the same. I love Fougere L'Aube's soft lavender for getting into bed more than anything... Preferably, not solo... It's literally one of the most pleasing scents I have ever smelled, & the ladies agree. But Bon Monsieur... Whoa. Whole different story. Strong! Lavender cranked through the roof. Sharp & soapy, in the best way. Long story short - Yes, you need this. Professional & clean... Just awesome. Fougere & Rogue fans, there's no way you won't be impressed. The most in-your-face scent from Manny yet.
By   - Entrepreneur from Los Angeles on 10/30/2020
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