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Mousse Illuminee

Eau de Toilette

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What else can I say about this that already is known? Great projection with just one or two spritzes...this is what I'd imagine a true man would have worn in the roaring 1920s....grabbing his dames hand and taking her to the dance floor to enjoy the music of the house jazz his woman ruffles his hair with her hands and takes keen note of just how good he smells....certainly, a lady must be a lady at this moment, but after smelling the Mousse Illuminee, she is taken to another dimension, and can be restrain her innermost desires...fully entranced of this man's aroma of pure, undiluted animalistic carnality. She dances with him now...but later on...she will get exactly what she wants, as will he.
By   - Sales from New York on 5/22/2020
Moss. Greenery. Indolic mint. White grapes. Fresh. Clean. Illuminated. This is a STRONG fragrance, it'll stick on your skin all day, and it'll cling to clothes until they're washed. There must be a high proportion of naturals in here, as it develops on skin like nothing else I've encountered; it's constantly changing and morphing. When I wear it I feel like I'm walking around with a luminous, green aura around me. 100/100, Signature scent worthy.
By   - Winemaking Student from New Rochelle, NY on 4/29/2020
This is classic modern barbershop green soapy clean scent. Is so good and relaxing. The moss is everything,so lovely done and they wear big with Great price point. Definitely 5 stars.
By   - Health care  from Aurora/Colorado on 1/28/2020
This is the third sample I've tried from Rogue Perfumery. Bracing and sharp at first, although not unpleasantly for me. It dries down on my skin to a light cedar with almost -juicy green florals -- think of a rain soaked, damp, mossy shade garden laden ferns with scented white flowers. And then the cedar starts to sharpen up again and lift through the florals. An interesting scent. Love how the scent keeps changing as it dries down.
By   - Does it matter? from Idaho on 11/15/2019
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