Marc-Antoine Barrois


Eau de Parfum

Ganymede Sizes Available:
100ml $195
30ml Eau de Parfum $115
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Ganymede...
Really interesting and I could totally imagine it on someone else, but this didn't work for me. The leather note almost immediately dried down to something that smelled plastic-y and synthetic. That said, still a lot of depth and a really unique scent - just not what I'm looking for. Great longevity, as other reviewers have mentioned.
By   - Writer from Los Angeles on 11/16/2020
Opening: 5/5 ; Dry Down: 5/5; Longevity: 5/5 ; Projection: 5/5 ; Seasons: Recommend for all seasons (; Sprays: Day/Night - 4, Outside Event - 5, Club - 5, Work - 3 Compliment factor: 5/5; Overall: Ganymede is a fragrance made to leave a statement. When I say 12+ hours of longevity trust me it's gonna stick with you for the entire day. The scent is so clean, while still having depth. I've never smelled anything like it, but still smells so inviting. It'll please people around you. This is hands down one of my most complimented fragrances of all time. Ganymede is also very versatile, you just have to keep the amount of sprays in mind. Side note: The atomizer on this bottle and B683 has to be one of the best ever. Enjoy!
By   - Business Owner from Philadelphia on 7/25/2020
I don't know what to say about this wonderful work and creativity
By   - from Tabuk on 11/19/2019
I had ventured down the rabbit hole for the better part of a year searching for a perfectly elegant, sophisticated and classic fragrance to wear for both day and evening. Nothing remotely sweet or flowery but nothing too strong and aggressive either. Something that says "I know who I am, I am confident, I have experience and I love the mature me." After over 150 samples, I've found "the one" in the beautiful Ganymede. I feel that this is an instant classic that says both power and sophistication. I get so many lovely accords from this, but on me, its peppery, spicy and lightly woody with a touch of suede. Utterly gorgeous.
By   - Professor from Hawkesbury on 10/22/2019
I'm surprised no one has reviewed this yet! I've tried so many fragrances over the past year and although I've purchased a few I really like, this is the first where I've felt it could be "the one." I get woody spice with a peppery finish (must be the mandarin). I would wear this to work and in the evening. Its gloriously rich and expensive smelling as well as extremely sophisticated and elegant. This is something I feel WORTH spending well over $200 Canadian on, and I will be buying a bottle soon!!
By   - Professor from Hawkesbury on 10/9/2019
I really wanted this to be good, like all the scents I buy I hoped it would be good, but alas....... A very cheap smelling fougere scent turning to the worst artificial cinnamon note ever created. Honestly, it ends up smelling exactly like every dentists office I've ever been to. Shame.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 4/26/2019
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