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It seems like people either love or hate this fragrance and I fall into the latter category. To me it smells like sugary vanilla body spray mixed with cherry cough syrup.
By   - Museum Professional from WOODBURY on 11/30/2020
Years ago, I ordered a sample of this along with a few other scents. My children were younger, and when I wore this they climbed all over me. I imagined that I smelled like some luscious vanilla bloom, but my four-year-old son yelled, "You smell like a bowl of Lucky Charms!" Yes, people, Lucky Charms. Many are using the word "rich" to describe Vanitas. All I can picture now is the cereal aisle at the grocery store and that leprechaun on the box. Magically delicious, indeed.
By   - Educator from Minneapolis on 5/17/2020
Very sweet, smells like Parma Violets, lasts a long time. Probably a cold weather scent.
By   - Student  from Tampa on 3/23/2020
I'm always looking for vanilla scents. I ordered a sample of Vanitas and loved it. On me is pure vanilla. I hardly smell the flower scent; which is great because i don't like flowery smells.
By   - - from New York on 1/6/2020
Reviews on this one seem to fall into two categories: love it or hate it. I'm so glad I only purchased a sample, because I'm definitely not loving it. I only put the tiniest dab on each wrist, and was hit by a blast of candy shop. Which could be comforting, in a harken-back-to-childhood way, but this wasn't even that. I've waited three hours, but I'm still surrounded by an overpowering cloud of cotton candy mixed with something synthetic... plastic beach chairs, perhaps? The Santa Cruz boardwalk? Enough, already. I've got a headache. I'm going to go scrub down my wrists and pass the sample along to my teenaged neighbor.
By   - Writer from Bay Area on 5/29/2019
This perfume is such an excellent example of why I get so many samples and why I can never trust write ups or other reviews. When I got into my parent's car my Mom asked me what smelled so good, like cotton candy. I think it smells like you just walked into a candy factory on the day they were making a batch of sour berry candies, lots of underlying sweetness but with this sour bite that's enough to make your mouth water. I actually wasn't sold on it at first, I could barely smell it when I first put it on....but then I walked around outside, my skin warmed up and I realized this is not a scent that sticks close to your skin but instead envelops you in a delicious cloud.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 4/29/2019
I came across this sample when I dumped out my purse. I was kinda wondering where it had gone but knew it would turn up eventually. I really love this and came to check if there was a travel size and there is! I have several vanillas, they all have their diff. vibes. I hold Profumum as the holy grail of purfumers. So I am glad there is travel size to try out before a FB investment. The smell lasts, it morphs, melds with your chemistry. I am very curious to smell in a spray version because of the mryhh comment. For me, this is grown up vanilla. I have not been so bowled over with Tihota, it is ok. I dabbed my wrist, walked around outside, then did dishes and it still smells strong. Thats what I love about Profumum.
By   - Long time sniffer from OFallon on 3/1/2018
This was pretty. It's a more sophisticated Prada Candy . Definitely sample worthy if you are trying to find a new vanilla fragrance.
By   - Personal Assistant from NY on 7/13/2017
In search of the perfect vanilla scent, I read the reviews and thought this was it. It wasn't. It's deeply sweet, hugely floral and a vanilla that turns on me--in a vicious, mean way. Not for me. Sadly.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 4/11/2017
I received Vanitas as a complimentary sample as I am looking to try more of the Profumum series. This was just not good on me as it is a MEGA vanilla bomb. Sillage is phenomenal (sorry colleagues in a 5 metre radius!!) and lasting power. It is a straight vanilla on me - I tried and enjoyed Tihota by Indult (wouldn't buy a full bottle) but at least that had a lovely baked vanilla scent. Vanitas is just a sucker-punch vanilla odour-eater! I personally prefer vanilla notes to underscore citrus or leather or even a soft floral. I couldn't finish the sample and have passed it on to a vanilla loving friend, who will hopefully appreciate this more than I did.
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 7/26/2015
I received this as a complimentary sample with my latest order and only tried it today. It is a vanilla bomb that just about blew my head off upon initial application. I was acutely aware that everyone at work could smell it, such was the power of its sillage and lasting power. I only like vanilla as it underscores a floral, or a citrus, or a leathery scent, so this is not one I would have normally picked for myself. I have tried Tihota and appreciated it as the most perfect linear vanilla, but I don't recall it giving me a headache like Vanitas did. About 4 hours into application I can smell the myrrh and a soft orange blossom but after 10 hours, nothing but a baked vanilla (albeit an expensive one!). Definitely for lovers of caramel, baked vanilla who want a powerful sillage and lasting power!!
By   - Research from Perth, Western Australia on 7/15/2015
soft, sweet, comforting rich vanila. at first it was a bit too much of a floral blast for me, but after 30 minutes or so, the warm sweetness came to life.
By   - from sf bay area on 12/29/2014
Wow! This smells just like candy. It is a quick, unapologetic sweet vanilla. It reminded me of summer afternoons walking along the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Whereas most scents don't last on me, I smelled like candy a good 4-5 hours later. This isn't quite the type of vanilla scent I prefer. I go for more mellowed vanillas like Les Nerides Opoponax that dries down to a melty, resinous vanilla and lasts a good while on me. Overall though, this has an oil base with good projection and staying power.
By   - from Bay Area, CA on 10/21/2014
A very warm, rich, comforting, smooth, vanilla scent. It is sooooo long lasting...I'm talking days and the sillage is perfect. My husband says he loves it... The myrrh gives it a depth and sophistication like no other vanilla scent...I like that it comes with a rollerball I can fill to take with me and also a spray nozzle for home. Worth every penny!
By   - from Louisville on 10/5/2014
This is gorgeous. I tried it originally from the samply vial and thought it was pretty, but too syrupy sweet. Then got a spray decant and oh my goodness, what a difference! The interplay between the vanilla and the myrrh is fascinating, creating a complex bitter/sweet symphony on my skin. As others have mentioned the lasting power is great and th projection is fairly modest (2 feet or so). This is what I had hoped SL's Un Bois Vanille was going to be, and wasn't. A masterpiece.
By   - Architect from Portland on 9/10/2013
Vanitas is simply gorgeous. Very classy and unusual vanilla. Despite the price, this is one I just had to have from one of my favorite perfume houses.
By  on 2/7/2013
This is a very rich vanilla scent. Great silage and longevity, as with all Profumums. There is an orange note interwoven, but the myrrh and sandalwood keep the composition from becoming sickly sweet or cheap smelling. I'm not sure how I feel about myrrh; it does certainly have a bit of a medicinal smell. Definitely worth a try if you are a Tihota or Lea fan (imho Profumum makes some of the best quality vanillas available; bottles are easy to share also).
By  on 3/10/2012
This, on me, is delicious, rebellious vanilla. It actually makes me think of Havana Vanille, and I was surprised that no alcooholic notes were listed here. I would also love to smell this on a man. I generally feel like wearing this when I'm feeling very sexy, relaxed, empowered and kind of secretly mischievious. (A bit like Havana Vanille but where HV is slowly, lazily sipping a syrupous exquisite golden drink, on a deck, in the summer, with the sunset warming your neck and chest, Vanitas is an isolated simple cabin in the woods in the fall with your lover, feeling the luxurious white fur throws on the sofas on your naked bum, the rough wind coming in and not giving a damn, and strangely enough, at the same time, evokes cuddling near a cracking fire with polar throws, for me.) Very evocative perfume, simple notes that smell like something instead of smelling like "perfume".
By  on 10/10/2011
If you like Angel face by Ava Luxe and Lea by Calypso St Barth - this is the same kind of vanilla. Lovely .
By   - from CA on 5/11/2011
yuck!!! I had really high hopes for this perfume but they came crashing down once I tried this on. As the review says, the top notes hint towards a medicinal odor and for me that medicinal feel never leaves but gets blended with a vanilla which really doesn't work. I don't even know what else to say, it's a total scrubber for me.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 3/8/2011
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