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An afternoon on the porch with a glass of honey lemon tea in hand. Has the lasting power of a summer afternoon, and scent so convincingly like lemon sweet tea that I swore I was putting exactly that on my wrist. First 20 mins are spot-on honey and lemon. Then the honey fades away to a citrus and a hint of jasmine tea for the next hour or so. After that, light sandalwood. Sits very close to skin. Like a glass of iced tea, it's more for you to enjoy- and maybe someone next to you if you are willing to share. I wish there were just a bit more projection and lasting power. That and the namesake honey note disappeared on me too quickly. Still, it's a nice light scent- good for dry summers- so will be considering a FB for this for sure.
By   - Designer from Los Angeles on 2/28/2021
Lovely scent but no staying power on me. I applied three dips from the tester (one on wrists, two on neck) and an hour later I detect only a very faint honey scent. It's nice, but I'm getting none of the florals and no sandalwood in the drydown. I just reapplied and the citrus lasts about 90 seconds on me. Alas!
By   - bureaucrat from Berkeley on 9/9/2020
I looooove the scent of honey. I've tried so many honey fragrances, but this one beats them all. It's bright and sweet, and as it dries the rose and jasmine start to bloom. It's addictive.
By   - Publishing from Boulder on 6/30/2020
I like this one. It mellows out really nicely to a light mellow citrus with a little bit of a floral to it. From the sample it appears to sit close to the body and is very chill. Its a very clean light scent.
By   - Environmental scientist from Henderson on 5/2/2019
Go for Yuzu instead
By   - Student from Sacramento on 4/11/2019
Got a sample of this and I have to say, I think this one will be my next purchase. The honey and lemon are definitely there, but not cloying. It's strange to say, but the mixture of the florals ends up reading very black tea like... If you've ever had Peace Tea, that's pretty much what this smells like, if just a bit heavier on the lemon. Absolutely wonderful.
By   - Logistics Manager from WR on 3/11/2019
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