L'air Barbes

Eau de Parfum

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My god, this fragrance smells so phenomenally good. On me, it goes on kind of smelling like Zest soap and then quickly develops into a soft white floral that's familiar, but unlike anything else. It's feminine but sophisticated yet innocent without ever being overpowering. It's kind of crazy, but it does evoke memories of being in Paris in early spring. I really thought I'd like L'air Morrocain by this same brand more, but that has a strong tobacco base note that does not agree with my skin. This, however...I will never tire of L'air Barbes. For me, this one's a keeper.
By   - Producer from Los Angeles on 9/5/2020
A wonderful lightly noted scent that is perfect for a day at work or when in company. It is perfect for a first date and an all day scent. The initial application and first hour of wearing present with strong combinations of citrus, musk, wood/bark and ylang ylang. As the day goes on you'll pick up moss, wood, light musk and a top note of Bergamot. it's very pleasant and a great fragrance for every day. On a side note you'll pick the scent of concrete/quick lime for a light, crisp, clean smell.
By   - Finance Research Analyst from West Des Moines on 11/22/2019
A very dry cold granite + new leather aroma. Smells like a shop full new leather goods, but with a natural freshness. The ink note, leather and dry woods are most noticeable. L'air Barbes is unlike anything else I've tried. Very fresh attitude while keeping sophistication.
By   - entrepreneur from Midwestern part of USA on 3/25/2019
Sexy and good cologney to me, sort of light and poofs on me though. This could be due to my older nose though, your mileage may vary. Doesn’t smell too city to me.
By   - Artist from New York on 3/23/2019
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