L'air Barbes

Eau de Parfum

by 19-69

L'air Barbes Sizes Available:
100ml $175
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about L'air Barbes...
A very dry cold granite + new leather aroma. Smells like a shop full new leather goods, but with a natural freshness. The ink note, leather and dry woods are most noticeable. L'air Barbes is unlike anything else I've tried. Very fresh attitude while keeping sophistication.
By   - entrepreneur from Midwestern part of USA on 3/25/2019
Sexy and good cologney to me, sort of light and poofs on me though. This could be due to my older nose though, your mileage may vary. Doesn’t smell too city to me.
By   - Artist from New York on 3/23/2019
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