Chinese Tobacco

Eau de Parfum

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I love this scent. Sensual but personal, not in your face. It's perfect anywhere any time of year. It's the one I take with me on my travels. Bravo!!!
By   - Accountant from Pen Argyl on 7/3/2021
I love this scent. It's spicy, clean, fresh, dark and alluring. One of the few colognes that people around me really appreciate. I have gone through two samples now and it's time to bu 100mls.
By   - Cosmic Shepard from Wilmington on 12/30/2020
I wear this one every day to work because it is deep and resinous enough to satisfy me without being overwhelming to other people. It also blends very well with other scents. Pretty perfect.
By   - Artist from New York on 6/8/2020
This is a nice scent yet I wanted a bit more of a that lovely SPICE to it. It smelled of a fruity coca cola which sounds awesome but it wasn't what I really hoped for! I am a fan of 19-69 and hope they will keep at it in the production of Eau De Parfumes. I would describe this as more of a Eau De Toillet though as the scent seemed to diminish as the day went on.
By   - Chief Role from Mpls on 4/17/2019
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