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Sticky Cake

Eau de Toilette

50ml $95
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Sticky Cake...
I love this scent! At first, it's a bit heavy on the vanilla and stickiness, but as it dries down, it gets lighter and even has a slight citrus aura to it. I first thought it would be too heavy to wear for warm days, but I find myself wearing it almost every day! Excellent sillage, stays with me from the moment I spray it on until the moment I wash it off with my next morning's shower.
By   - Medic from Aurora on 5/12/2021
The dry down on me gave it this lovely clean scent that isn't really sticky cake at all, but I like how it smells on me.
By   - Administrator from Los Angeles on 6/10/2019
This is a soft, lovely scent. It isn't "sticky" sweet, but more reminiscent of the powdery softness of a marshmallow, or Turkish delight. There's the nutty almond scent of marzipan. There is no frosting or syrup here---just a pillowy cloud of vanilla, almond, pistachio, and that brown sugar/date mellowness into the dry-down.
By   - Cashier from Madison, WI on 1/5/2019
Try to forget the name. I've made a lot of sticky cakes in my time. This scent doesn't smell like any of them, although it has some of the elements. It's a bit sweet, but not at all sugary. Instead, it has a buttery, salty edge. It's also peppery in the top notes, and spicy or almost incensey as it dries down. It's a very appealing smell, unlike anything I've encountered. I gave it three stars because I'm not sure I'd want to wear it on my body, but who knows? Maybe with time...
By   - Artist from Boston on 9/15/2017
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