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Dates Delight

Eau de Parfum

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I was hoping to find a fragrance where the boozy blackberry undercurrents of Jubilation XXV were put through a 100-watt Marshall set to 11, and here it is. Deep and sweet, but with enough tobacco and leather to prevent it from becoming a dessert course.
By   - Fragrance Noob from El Segundo on 7/10/2019
A gourmand as opulent as anything House of Oud has put forth (and that’s certainly going some), this literally mouthwatering scent is cousin to the brand’s Grape Pearls, sharing the same gorgeous honey note. Here, though, it’s accompanied by ever-denser-than-you’d-expect date and caramel notes, kept from sludginess by that sparkling cinnamon they do. The cinnamon also tips the coumarin away from fresh hay closer to fresh-cut tobacco, which absolutely works. All this deliciousness modulates to a vanilla and sugar base that cries out for a glass of warm milk, a fireplace, and a very soft blanket.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/5/2018
From the notes, I'd expect this scent to be more gourmand but on me it's really not. I received this as a free sample from lucky scent as it was one that I asked for with a purchased bottle but all I can really smell is a light oud . I smell nothing sweet at all or gourmand. Kind of smoky and almost on the masculine side. Might be great on someone else but I'm just not loving it.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 5/31/2017
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