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Dama Bianca

Eau de Parfum

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All I smell is cedar :( I really detest the smell of cedar because my brother used to keep rats when we were young, with cedar in their cages. Eventually they all got sick and died. Anyway I thought with all the other notes, the cedar would be in the background. Unfortunately either Dama Bianca pulls hard cedar with my body chemistry or I am so traumatized from the cedar rat memory that even the slightest cedar makes me gag. I did try this sample several times, and it did grow on me a little. Under the cedar, I got a warm, cozy, vanilla with a touch of powdery iris which is what I was looking for. I'm getting older, 35, and I want a scent that doesn't smell like fruit juice or pine sol. Unfortunately this isn't it.
By   - Mom from Akron on 8/24/2021
Romance in a bottle. Dama Bianca comes with a complicated list of notes, but what it really amounts to is a very high-quality cloud of puffy, somewhat floral, thick but still breathable vanilla. Somehow it conjures textures of enormous cumulus clouds, and the sensation of wearing it feels like walking on their surfaces. I had zero problems with longevity--I got hours of use, but it's like a parfum so the projection is gentle but the sillage is good--you'll leave a little trail as you move around. The name, the bottle, and the scent all add up to me as an ideal wedding perfume for any time of the year.
By   - novelist from Texas on 10/8/2017
The scent is beautiful, the main component I clearly recognize is vanilla. The downside is that it is very/too delicate in every way, I can barely detect it on my skin 5-10 minutes after the application. Although now is a "heat & pollen" season where I live, so possibly during fall-winter time the scent will have better longevity. If it were a bit more pronounced/durable I would be interested in buying a FB.
By   - from Washington DC on 6/24/2015
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