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The Musc is a yes. Yes it smells beautiful, sexy and clean (as kitten fur). Yes it lasts and has soft projection and sillage that you expect a quality musk fragrance to have. Yes it is affordable. Yes it is worth a full bottle for all the things that it brings to your life.
By   - Wrist Sniffer from New York on 7/19/2020
Light and floral. Really pretty. I sampled this and also the perfume from the Different Company called Pure EVe. This one seemed actually fresher and more wearable during the year and the PureEVe was a little warmer. But this one is really pretty for a musk and it is not just a musk but a very flittering trail of a combination of scents. I sensed a little teeny bit of an animalic note, but I think it's the beeswax. I dabbed this one only and not sprayed so I think it would be even stronger if it was dispersed. I'm actually surprised there is ginger and lavender in here, my nose does not even pick that up, maybe a hint of lavender but that's it. Overall its a nice everyday scent that I can wear at the office and anywhere really.
By   - Lover from Central Coast on 2/20/2020
I blind bought the small bottle of this and I'm glad I did. Fresh and warm don't seem like things you could combine in a scent and yet this one does. It's one of those fragrances that work for any occasion and are also great for wearing during the day, but layering your "date night" perfume over top doesn't ruin the evening scent at all. Great all around fragrance, I'd definitely get the 100 ml when my 10 ml runs out.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/22/2019
On my skin the scent just turns into bug spray. Really disappointing because it sounded so lovely.
By   - RN from Charlottesville on 8/11/2019
I bought a bottle of Elizabeth and James "Nirvana" because everyone in my family liked the sample I had. Also, someone I admire and never see wears it. It's inexpensive, unoffensive, and so pretty-a great every day perfume. "The Musc" reminds me of Nirvana. It's like the perfume equivalent of a great pair of jeans that you wear all the time; you know they look good; you can dress them up or dress them down, but you probably wouldn't wear them if you were in the mood for some excitement.
By   - potter from philly on 3/19/2019
This is absolutely lovely...!! I got the sample and ordered a FB....Very fresh and clean and delightful.. Just beautiful.
By   - Retired from SC on 2/1/2019
The Musc is GORGEOUS....soft, warm, cozy, and just a bit sweet. Loving my sample and will definitely consider a full size bottle when the time comes. Two sprays last 4-6 hours, with perfect, up close sillage. Great for the office, date night, or just snuggling on the sofa. Can we just take a second and appreciate the sizes and price points available on this perfume? THANK YOU Essential Parfums! I wish more niche houses would offer smaller "trial" sizes at similar price points. Plus, as a previous reviewer mentioned, those of us who collect fragrances appreciate the opportunity to purchase smaller sizes that we actually might finish in this lifetime! :)
By   - Mom, Wife, Pharmacist, Perfume Geek from Grayson, GA on 1/22/2019
what a delight! A scent that is in the middle on so many scales, but not because it's boring. It is fresh, but not bracing. It is a wee bit sweet, but not sticky. It could be worn by anyone, at any age I think. And the price!!! Hey Luckyscent--more like these please!! I am a perfume lover who would always rather have more choices without breaking the bank. And I can't justify 100 ml size at any point. I have so many scents that I'll never get to it before it goes south. So anyway--I am SUPER excited about this one.
By   - writer from Chicago on 9/3/2018
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