Perfect Veil

Eau de Parfum

by Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Perfect Veil Sizes Available:
1.7 oz. $75
1/8 oz Oil (rollon) $45
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Perfect Veil...
It''s quite pleasant but oh, so generic. Egyptian Musk, Vanilla, Coconut. I could go on, but why not? I''ve already said all one can say about this one.
By   - Former Domestic Goddes turned Heriess from Podunk on 1/8/2015
A grown-up Loves Baby Soft... I''m kind of diggin it on me but not for everyday
By   - from New York area on 11/17/2014
for some reason this scent smells like overly sweet baby powder on me.
By  on 10/11/2013
I really love this and I don''t get the "old lady" comments. But fragrance is individual and this happens to work really well with my chemistry so I will repurchase for sure. I don''t know how to describe it. It is light. It''s inoffensive and not cloying. It does have a baby powder, vanilla, lemony vibe but it''s just really fresh, best way I can explain it. It doesn''t smell like fabric softener, but it reminds me of that fresh, clean feeling I get when I smell my laundry right out of the dryer. It just makes me smell like myself but better and not like I''m wearing an in your face perfume.
By   - from NY on 8/31/2013
I''m not sure what happens when the other reviewers wear this perfume but to call it musky is so far off the mark. It is a light clean smell that I continually get compliments on when I wear it. It really does smell like a fresh clean summer day to me and on me. I love this one.
By  on 9/19/2012
I got this perfume as a sample from another website and i like it, but it reminds me too much of mainstream fragrances already in popularity. was hoping for something more interesting. I am not saying it''s boring, it is a lovely perfume, just was expecting something more intriguing.
By  on 9/30/2011
P.U. Old lady centch.
By   - from Baltimore on 8/3/2011
I was expecting this to smell fresh, clean, and expensive. On my skin, it is none of these. It smells like an inexpensive "egyptian musk" you could find in a head shop for $6. Just dabbing on a sample I get a sharp "elderly woman" mustiness. Then it settles, and the combination of vanilla and sandalwood turns to coconut on me. Not what I was expecting at all. I wanted to love this, but I don''t care for it all- it has a very old fashioned note to it. Familiar, but not modern and chic. And, I love coconut, but I don''t love musty old lady. : (
By   - Fragrance from New York, NY on 4/23/2011
I just received this in the mail yesterday and couldn''t wait to take a shower. I was hoping that it would be just a veil of scent. It was like wearing thick, unbreathable polyester. Horrible. Worse than the drug store musk that I hate. Thank God I only bought a sample. Although, I feel that was too much to spend on this odor.
By   - retired from Valencia on 3/25/2011
this sent is nice. It automatically reminds of SOMETHING, but what that something is I cannot yet tell and it''s kind of driving me crazy! I bought a sample and even though it definitely makes me continuously smell my wrist I am confused about this scent. It partially reminds me of an old lady scent, or someone''s grandmother. But at the same time is very soft and airy and subtle. It''s odd really. I can see how layering this perfume with another could work nicely. I don''t smell any lemon or bergamot. I don''t actually get any particular scent in this. It''s a light, dreamy scent that has lots of staying power. I''m just not 100% convinced that it''s the right scent for my skin but I can see how this could work wonders for some people. Try a sample.
By   - from Montreal on 2/14/2011
Nice, but you can smell like this for much less, with Avon Sweet Honesty...So this brings me back to the 70s.
By   - Consultant from Grosse Pointe Farms on 2/1/2011
Cheap musk meets air freshener. By no means the smell of skin. Luckily not mine.
By  on 10/6/2010
i get asked all the time about what i am wearing when i wear this.
By   - chef from nyc on 10/5/2010
Inexpensive musk and nothing else! Unfortunately it''s the only thing that remains completely evaporated when the top notes (and evaporated very quickly, too!) This perfume is my biggest disappointment. But, again the ad ... and what advertising does.
By   - artist from NYC on 9/28/2010
I really love this fragrance!!!There are many, many fragrances that I cannot wear they actually stink on me. But this smells wonderful. I get many, many compliments. Erveryone wants to know what I am wearing. A very light airy feel good scent, but yet sort of sexy. I can''t stop smelling this. But I do understnad the baby powder comments. This smells like baby powder on my daughter, not a bad baby powder smell, but not something she would buy.
By   - CSR from Dallas/Fort Worth on 8/21/2010
It smells cheap and boring. Very boring. Nothing special.
By   - MD from NYC on 7/19/2010
Baby powder. I got no lemon or bergamot from this. Smells like something a tween would wear. Not awful, but definitely get a sample before you purchase.
By   - chaplain and mom from Princeton on 5/7/2010
I love this perfume. I take a lot of medicine and I think that is why so many perfumes smell awful on me. If you are a tricky skin-fragrance match this might work for you. Everywhere I go men and women tell me I smell great. Even at 7-11!
By   - sales from Virginia Beach on 10/19/2009
This smelled awful on me. After reading these comments though, maybe something is wrong with my bottle. It smells nothing like any of these descriptions. It smelled like something some really really old lady would wear. Actually my great grandmother always smelled better then this. I don''t get it.
By  on 7/28/2009
Wow, this stuff is terrible! I harbor a bit of a nostalgia for white musks -- like so many, I wore Body Shop when I was younger. I have been thinking that I might want to buy a bottle of soft musk for rare occasions, so I have been making my way through samples of the usual suspects: Lutens, Il Profumo, etc. This stuff is the absolute worst of all the musks I have tried. Sicky-sweet and strongly tinged with vanilla. Horrible!
By   - professor from Syracuse, NY on 5/18/2009
Perfect summer scent. Clouds and summer flowers. Guess the scent depends on your body chemistry. Try a sample!
By   - from Chicago on 5/16/2009
No way sexy. No way sophisticated. Baby powder, white musk, baby powder. Clean yes. But smelling like a baby is NOT sexy.. nor adult woman. Especially at that at that price. Pass.
By   - from Santa Barbara, Calif. on 3/6/2009
I LOOOOVE THIS. what a gorgeus scent. sooooooo beautiful.
By   - film from los angeles on 12/17/2008
Initially all I could smell was citronella - Then over time & day it changed to a warm fresh vanilla. I thought it was worth waiting for the drytime when my daughter told me I smell good. I can still smell this lovely fragrance after 6hrs. Diffently worth a try!
By   - Teacher from Australia on 11/24/2008
My husband said it took him back to the very first night we spent together (about 19+ years ago.) Enough said. . . . .
By   - housewife from Stamford, CT on 11/7/2008
i have been curious about this for a long time. it did not disappoint. the perfect balance of freshness(lemoncitrusy) top note, a hint of musk but not too much to make it sickening, and a creamy vanilla base(reminds of perfect vanilla) to anchor the whole thing. i have yet to be disappointed with any creative scentualization scents! sarah really roks the blends.
By  on 8/22/2008
Just ...yuck! Baby powder and NOT in a good way. Sorry to all of you whom this scent is a dream. On my skin it''s a nightmare in a bottle!
By   - gypsy ;) from miami on 8/21/2008
I bought a sample and I''m glad that I did. It smells like a soft talc smell. My puppy goes to a hydrobath and the perfume her with something very very similar. So that kind of ruined it for me but it''s still a pleasant enough smell. Try it and see if it works for you.
By  on 7/4/2008
Baby powder. ''nuff said.
By   - from California on 6/14/2008
I had previously ordered a sample of Perfect Veil and initially was not impressed. Then one day recently was motivated to try it again. Using more the second time i found the beautiful comfort zone of this fragrance.... Yes, light and clean with a baby fresh powdery lift. There is an open invitation to come closer. Perfect Veil is both innocent and sexy at the same time, which makes this scent very alluring.
By   - Artist from Huntington on 5/19/2008
I don''t understand the baby powder comments but YES to the dirty diaper - it smells like dirty laundry on me. Very disappointing as I wanted to like it. Works for some and not others, like me.
By  on 5/5/2008
I love this scent. It''s so innocent & shy yet secretly sexy. it smells like sitting on a meadow, making daisy chains. it smells like chasing boys through clouds, like quiet marshmellow kisses & unpretentious ease & glamour.
By   - Student from Paris on 4/22/2008
Lovely and soft. I really like this scent. I have tried just about the entire line and this is one of my favorites. I really like Perfect Bliss to. Nanadebary Pink is my favorite scent, if you like that, then try this. Don''t know how to explain their similarities. Try it!
By   - from Raleigh, NC on 4/10/2008
Generic, drugstore musk-type scent. I think I smell some vanilla, too.
By   - merchandising analyst from -- on 3/31/2008
Could someone share their thoughts on the lasting power of the perfum vs. the oil version? Which one is the better buy? Thanks!
By   - lawyer on 2/12/2008
Cloying. Maybe I will try layering it with something else, but it''s not particularly satisfying on its own.
By   - Librarian from Midwest on 2/8/2008
for the price? no...i am sticking withlotus lake by theme fragrance
By   - from chicago on 1/10/2008
I have to agree.... this smells 1) like baby powder and 2) like my mom, when she used to wear drugstore musk. The perfume is better than the oil, less powdery and more clean -- but I definitely don''t love it. In fact, it kind of creeps me out to smell like my mom. Wish I had gone for just the sample :(
By   - Designer from Boston on 12/27/2007
I think the whole "dirty diaper" crew may be going a bit overboard, but yeah, it does smell like baby powder. I have the same problem with this that I had with Musc Bleu, which is it smells like drugstore musk - the people who say it smells like Love''s Baby Soft are right on the money - and I do mean money, because LBS can be had for $5 an ounce...Anyhoo, on me - not so great. I''ve bought Musc by Bruno Acampora, and if you''re going to shell out the big bucks, that''s the way to go if you want musk. On me it is perfect, soft, alluring. The Lucky Scent copy describes it as bold, but I don''t find it to be that on me. Meanwhile, Perfect Veil is described as soft & subtle, and on me it smells like harsh drugstore musk... go figure! Try before you buy, ladies....
By   - film editor from NYC on 12/21/2007
I liked this at first, but it down to a smell I couldn''t quite pick at first ... then I realised ... my grandmother. Too powdery.
By   - from Sydney on 10/28/2007
Nice, but generic smelling. Honey, coconut, musk.
By   - Nurse from Charleston, SC on 10/16/2007
I am going to agree with everyone who says Perfect Veil smells like a drugstore musk. The scent is definitely familiar.It is MUCH stronger than one would expect. And it gave me a slight headache. Use sparingly.
By   - trainer from Washington DC on 10/14/2007
This stuff is nothing special,.it''s greasy and heavy. Bonne Bell Skin is like this but much, much better for a much lesser price. I think all of the fragrances from this brand are ununique,..and somewhat strong.
By   - med. tech. from Chicago IL on 9/24/2007
really want to love this, but like an earlier reviewer, it turns sickly sweet on me. it has a musty dusty quality to it that is kind of is however, a light, very powdery, very feminine scent...
By  on 9/1/2007
Way too musky..smells kinda wierd and funky.
By   - perfume lover from midwest on 9/1/2007
Many thanks to Lucky Scent for having this scent available as a sample! Soft citrus notes morph into a slightly sweet and warm scent. I do feel that sweetness that comes from a freshly bathed baby. Perfect Veil is definitely a comforting & soothing scent that I could wear to bed. I''d defnitely have some sweet dreams with this one. I think it''s also perfect if you like to wear perfume to work. Use a light hand since it has a nice sillage. One sample is all it took to win me over!
By   - Writer, dog walker from San Francisco on 8/15/2007
This is an amazing scent! There is a very playful sweetish lemony accord in the beginning and when the light, clean musk kicks in it does not get any better. For me, this is one of the best fragrances I have smelled in a very long time. It completely blends with the skin and is just beautiful - very sexy but not loud at all, warm without beeing spicy and the best: long long lasting. I always get comments when I wear this and my boyfriend just loves it. It is a perfect veil!
By   - from Dubai on 8/2/2007
Glad I ordered a sample first. It was very light and clean upon the drydown, but then it kept morphing into something different. Too many personalities with this one, but perhaps it just didn''t mesh with my chemistry. I noticed luckyscent compared it with Il Profumo''s Musc Bleu..........believe me, there is no comparison in my book. Musc Bleu is my hands-down fave of all my scents and the one I reach for every day, morning and night. For a few $$$ more, it''s a lovely splurge.
By   - from Jersey Shore on 7/23/2007
I wanted to love this and I did at first... until it turned sickly-sweet on me after an hour. If it could smell the way it does when you first put it on all of the time I would be way into it. Wah! Plus the whole Bonnie Bell posting thing brought me down, BUT YOU ARE RIGHT!
By   - Sales from OC on 7/11/2007
The initial soft citrus quality is perfectly shower-fresh. The drydown is sweeter and softer and slightly powdery, a true "your skin but better" scent. I have noticed that I personally smell slightly sweet naturally, so this really is me plus a touch of clean powder. On me this is, surprisingly, rather strong, so I just use a dab.
By  on 6/22/2007
Love it! (But Les Nereides Musc Samarkand is still my favorite musk!)
By   - stay home mom 27 from dewey, ok on 5/28/2007
So I''ve jumped up and down trying to get the last out of the sample and am committed: gorgeous. Soft, powdery, they bottled a newborn baby after its first bath. The best part? Wear it enough and men think you actually smell like this...
By   - Physician from Miami, FL on 5/17/2007
Perfect Veil is an alluring, sweet musk perfume that smells serene, and provocative. I''ve seen it compared to Sage Pearl, but it''s distinctly different on my skin. Pearl and Veil are both considered to be "skin" scents, and Pearl is sweeter, and delicately feminine, while Perfect Veil is muskier, with a deeper essence. Perfect Veil doesn''t remind me of a drugstore musk (unfortunately!), but it does remind me a little bit of Auric Blends White Musk. It''s much richer, though, and it just smells better. The closest thing to iVeil in my wardrobe is Narciso Rodriguez For Her, which is bolder, and sharper. Perfect Veil ia a warm, yet mysterious, fragrant temptress...who doesn''t intend merely to tempt. It''s long-lasting, and it stays close to the skin, making it very personalized, and perfect to wear in crowds.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 5/10/2007
I have no idea, whatsoever, what some posters are talking about? Are we talking the same fragrace here? What dirty diapers and crap? This oilloves my skin, it''s the sexiest thing around, trust me! First time I put it on, people were following me around saying it was addictive..Never happened before -)
By   - mom from Vancouver on 4/13/2007
When you initially apply this on your skin, it''s fabulous! A feminine, sweet and creamy musk. However, after a few minutes, it dries down to a sweet plastic barbie doll, UGH, what went wrong??!! So disappointing...
By   - Perfume junkie from NY,NY on 4/6/2007
I bought the sample and will probably purchase a full bottle. (I''m trying several others before I decide.) I like this one very much. First application, I wasn''t sure, but it grew on me over the afternoon and I put it on again the next day and the next. It''s clean and light - not cloying or overpowering. I''m very pleased.
By   - Trainer from Austin on 3/31/2007
If you want a beautiful and inexpensive and longlasting skin scent with almost similar notes to Perfect Veil ,try Aubrey Organics Angelica. It is gorgeous and yes,as the name implies, it has angelica flower extract in it.
By   -  Congressional Intern from DC on 3/1/2007
By the desciption of this, I stuck up my nose, but eventually after it kept taunting me, I purchased a sample. Initially I thought it was too powdery, but the powder dried down very light. My husband commented that he liked it and that it smelled very feminine, he NEVER comments on my fragrances, so with that, I''ll be purchasing a full bottle. I''m glad I decided to give it a chance.
By   - Mother from WA on 2/25/2007
Just awful. I had to wash it off after about five minutes. Headache inducing.
By  on 1/26/2007
For about $10 you can get a better scent that lasts FOREVER and IS LIKE THE SCENT OF A HEAVENLY ANGEL warm and soft and not overpowering, headache inducing , dirty smelling, or too powdery you can have a delectible dreamy wet skin CLEAN paradise scent it''s called SKIN MUSK OIL by BONNE BELL ! T hat''s right you can get it for $10, try it you ''ll BE FOREVER GREAT FULL YOU DID.
By   - designer from los angeles on 1/6/2007
I love this scent. It''s soft and very sexy.
By   - from Lakeland- Florida on 1/5/2007
They must''ve paid luckyscent''s copywriter a lot for this description. If your skin smells like Jovan Musk, then they are right on. Otherwise, a big fat salesman lie. skip it!
By   - Producer from NYC on 1/3/2007
They must''ve paid luckyscent''s copywriter a lot for this description. If your skin smells like Jovan Musk then, they are right on. Otherwise, a big fat salesman lie. skip it!
By   - Producer from NYC on 1/3/2007
I didn''t like didn''t smell particularly different or special on me. It reminded me of drugstore''s nice, I can see why people like it, but I can''t see justifying that kind of expense on something that doesn''t smell that extraordinary.
By   - SAHM from Hartford on 12/21/2006
It took a second try of sampling this fragrance (eau de parfum) for me to appreciate the beauty of its simplicity. There is nothing complicated, "perfumey", or "fussy" about this fragrance. It''s soft, warm, cozy and very much a SKIN scent. The citrus top notes are not too sharp or prominent but blend perfectly with the base notes of musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. Together they make this scent both pretty yet subtly sexy at the same time. I''m dying to see how it works as a base for some of my other "less than perfect" fragrances. Perfect Veil is definately full bottle worthy and destined to be a staple in my fragrance collection
By   - from NYC on 12/12/2006
The description sounded so great- I really thought I''d love it. I had to scrub it off after about ten minutes. Ugh! Just horrible-cheap,sweet, awful.
By  on 11/30/2006
I thought for sure I would love this scent because I like light, clean and simple fragrances, however, this smelled like a strange combination of baby shampoo and an old musty pharmacy - weird and wrong. Definitely a drug store in a bottle.
By   - from Philadelphia on 11/20/2006
I have to say, this smells like a more mature version of Love''s Baby Soft, and it lasts much the light musk base of it, it''s not too overpowering!
By   - Finance from Middle-of-Nowhere, Nebraska on 11/2/2006
smells like teen drugstore musk scent... not much more to say. nothing interesting here.
By   - student/mom from D.C. on 10/11/2006
I love this scent. I am very dumbfounded at the dirty diaper comments above. This is a light and better than your own skin scent very soft and as one lady says cashmerish. That might have been me on the phone with the sales people. It is awesome and never offensive in a crowd. Men dig it big time! Thanks for having it out there for me to get!
By   - mortgage banking and hairdresser from bloomington MN on 8/24/2006
I think it has similar notes with Serge Lutens Clair de Musc. Very soft and sexy fragrance.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 8/14/2006
Wanted that light musk fix...Didn''t another poster described this hugely popular scent as resembling a soiled diaper?? Well, it wasn''t THAT bad, however it turned out that way on me, too,unfortunately... Kinda dirtyoily. Yeah, not for me.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
every summer i haunt the drug storeaisle for love''s baby soft... never lasts .. so try to find a babypowder shower gel at my local healthfood store along with lotion thatsmells like baby skin!!! my goodness.THE search is over... lucky scent sentme this sample and i LOVE LOVE LOVEit..the first perfume that truly mademe feel COZY!!!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 7/2/2006
Powdery musk. like musty skin scent.
By   - from BKK, Thailand on 5/19/2006
This is my new favourite of all time! Definately my signature scent now, just what I''ve been looking for. Thank you Lucky Scent for being there! It''s so beautiful on me, lingers forever and a day and drives my boyfriend mental so I have just ordered loads! A little bit like a lighter version of D&G Sicily with baby powder thrown in!
By   - Office worker from London on 4/23/2006
This sounded like the perfect scent, but it smells like aerosole Arrid Xtra Dry on me. Sigh....
By   - from New York City on 4/17/2006
CS has, by far, the BEST staying power of anything!!! That said, perfect veil made me smell like an AVON SALESLADY for 24 @#%$ HOURS!!! If you don''t mind a cloying, slightly diapery musk, look no further!
By   - !0 from FLA on 10/19/2005
You know how fragrances take you to another time, another event? This one exquisitely took me to the Amazon Jungle and my friends in Peru!
By   - from Phoenix on 7/8/2005
I think this smells like baby powder with a hint of citrus. It''s a "cute" scent…
By   - Student from Columbus on 4/18/2005
It smells like I should be a hippie
By   - from Los Angeles on 1/28/2005
This is a SEXXXXY one girls! Men can''t get enough of it and women have to know what you''re wearing. Oooooh baby, this is good stuff!!!
By   - law student from catskills, ny on 1/28/2005
This smells like a lighter version of Kiehl''s Musk mixed with fresh lemon sorbet. Walks the line between sensualsexual and casual. A great scent overall.
By   - from NY on 12/7/2004
This is a very soft, sensuous musk scent with warm woody undertones. It reminds me a bit of the DSH line of ''skin scents''--those ''your skin but better'' oils that seem to enhance your scent, not overwhelm it. Very, very sexy.
By   - from Los Angeles on 10/18/2004
I don''t see what the hoopla is on this one. This is an ordinary sweet musk fragrance. It smells like the Bonne Bell "Skin" we all wore in junior high. Lucky Scent has many other fabulous fragrances to try…
By   - PR Consultant from Chicago on 10/5/2004
I love sweet vanilla scents for the day, but night time is for me and my husband and I personaly think nothing smells sexier then musk! On me the top notes fade after about 20 minutes and it turns into the best musksandalwood perfume EVER (way better then Sages Pearl). I didn''t really notice the vanilla, but my husband doesn''t seem to mind!
By   - Housewife/mother from CA on 9/2/2004
Happiness in a bottle. My husband says it smells like powder, but I just love its soft sweetness. This will be a staple everyday fragrance on my vanity!
By   - journalist from Philippines on 8/12/2004
i like this one. it smells very clean and pretty. it is a perfect scent to wear to work as it is not overpowering if you have to work closely with other people
By   - from boca raton on 7/20/2004
I recently tried a sample of this and it is far too powdery for my tastes. It is also a bit headache-inducing. I''m sure it''s very lovely on others...just not on me.
By   - from tulsa on 7/19/2004
At first, I was a little skeptical about this scent, but I have discovered that it is really warm, comforting and inviting. It''s a great every day fragrance - clean, yet sexy - and it is perfect for layering. The scent gets better and better throughout the day. I must say that the men in my office building love it when I step in the elevator wearing Perfect Veil :)
By   - from Los Angeles on 6/28/2004
Love, love, love this fragrance. It is soft yet enticing. I love the way I feel when I''m wearing it. Ladies, this one is sexy!
By   - from Saratoga Springs, NY on 5/31/2004
This is soft but sexy, I love it! It''s one my boyfriend actually likes!!!
By  on 5/12/2004
Very soft, romantic, lovely, lightly sweet.
By  on 4/28/2004
this is one of my favorite scents EVER, i get compliments all the time when i wear it. my husband''s favorite scent of mine. i wore it on my wedding day, made me smell clean and warm..never overpowering...almost like it''s you, but BETTER
By   - photographer from encino on 4/21/2004
This is nice, but not very distinctive. It kind of smelled like baby powder.
By   - student from Madison, WI on 4/15/2004
I really loved this fragrance. Very enigma sent! There isn''t perfume I can think of similar to this! Very unique sent.
By   - from FL on 3/4/2004
It was ok in the dry-down. Not sure what all the hooplah is about on this one.
By   - from Los Angeles on 1/15/2004
One of the best clean powdery scents I have smelled ever. My husband adores this scent and others seem to enjoy this scent on me also. Never strong or overpowering, just light clean and soft. A great scent to wear day or night. Just wonderful.
By   - Student from N.LA on 1/7/2004
I am a perfume maniac, own a lot of perfumes and am constantly checking out new fragrances. And this, is absolutely the best ever!
By  on 1/6/2004
It was nice at first, but ended up smelling too musky on me.
By   - from Montana on 12/14/2003
Very lovely, powdery-soft scent that lingers subtly and gracefully.
By   - from Orlando on 12/6/2003
It doesn''t get any better!! I love the way I feel when wearing this, just like the description says.. "an angel, looking for trouble". My husband, Mom (even my Dad), and all my friends comment when I wear this.. It is simply beautiful!
By   - Med.Student/MOM from Chicago on 11/16/2003
A very delicate fragrance.
By  on 10/10/2003
I just applied this and it smells great! A little bit of musk, a little bit of lemon. Mmmmmm... it''s so soft and slightly warm. It IS Cashmere-ish (as the other poster noted). I think the top notes bring out the clean smell while the base notes keep it soft & cozy. Kind of like a baby... but sexier! Slightly powdery on me (hence the baby comment), but makes me feel like a refined, classic movie star from back in the days.
By   - from San francisco on 8/28/2003
This is one of my all time favorite fragrances, almost addictive. It''s great for those, like me, who are prone to ''fragrance headaches'' as it is mild and never offensive, even on the hottest days. I wasn''t sure what ''clean, naked skin'' smells like, but after smelling this, this is it! Wonderful fragrance!
By  on 7/11/2003
Like the other "anon", I liked it at first, but as the day went on, it was just too musky & "vanillish" for me.
By   - from Austin on 5/28/2003
this is my favorite fragrance ever! So pretty and delicate.. I get tons of compliments on it! It is now the only scent I wear.
By   - from NYC on 5/28/2003
This fragrance was very pleasant at first. Warm and cashmere-ish-like.
By  on 5/25/2003
I just had a good feeling about it, and was proven right when I tried it. Lemony, and musky-soft, not overwhelming. This is so perfect for everyday.
By   - from New York, NY on 5/19/2003
While the price is a bit much for what it is, none the less this is a lovely clean musk fragrance. And that''s coming from someone that isn''t a fan of musk in general! Good stuff!
By   - Customer Service Rep from Seattle, WA on 4/25/2003
This fragrance is really sexy. I think it is soft and spicy. But not bad spicy. I cannot wear anything spicy, it gives me a headache. When you spritz yourself with Veil, you cannot stop smelling yourSELF! It''s totally yummy. I wish MY naked skin smelled like this. I know Sarah Horowitz from Boston..she''s fantastic.
By   - Fashion designer from Boston on 3/26/2003
Ah! Now THIS creative Scentualization is a winner that doesn''t "Bonk" like one of its sisters! The vanilla here is supple and wholesome and warms up the opening of sunny lemon while tempering the bergamot into a beatiful, sparkling submission. The sandalwood reaches up to encircle everything with a slightly brisk and pleasing powderiness while the musk is very innocent and pale (nothing animalic here!). Truly a beautiful concotion and is perfect for wearing through all the seasons. Excellent!!!
By   - student from New York City on 1/26/2003
Beautiful and Clean. One of my favorite perfumes. Lots of comments on how good I smell when I wear this one. Men really enjoy this scent ladies.
By   - from LA on 12/10/2002
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