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Keep Glazed

Eau de Parfum

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Thank you luckyscent for ur amazing customer service! I couldn’t find this anywhere, its sold out in all the online stores! Anyway, i love this fragrance!! To me this smells like unripened mango, very green, sour, and milky and creamy in the same way.. it stays on for approximately 6-7 hours. Very good for the summer! Very refreshing.
By   - Network engineer from Florida on 4/3/2021
Fruity for sure. It was all yummy fruitiness from the start, a little too straightforwardly so, but not unpleasantly so. A couple of minutes in, other notes came through, and then it smelled of cake frosting with a bit of spice (which must have been the ginger), and utterly delicious. But after a few more minutes passed, something plastic-y came through, and never departed, completely ruining the prospects for a FB for me. Somehow, my nose detects plastic-like notes in perfumes much too frequently (not sure why), that's just my personal affliction, so if you're not likewise afflicted and you like fruit with cake frosting, this could be for you.
By   - Artist from San Francisco on 6/18/2020
I really expected to hate this based on the notes and description. I'm a huge THOO fan (Dates Delight and The Time!) but this one didn't interest me. Patisserie and tropical? Not for me. I expected cookies and suntan lotion. NOT THE CASE. This is in no way a gourmand in my mind. This is bright and effervescent and happy with a bit of cream and spice (from the ginger I would guess). This will be a FB for me. I'm replacing my go to Bal D'afrique with this. It's absolutely a daily go to fragrance. It won't offend anyone and it lasts much longer than Bal does. Give it a try!
By   - SAHM from CA on 8/14/2019
Keep Glazed celebrates the experience of gazing into a perfect patisserie display case. The opening trill is light and pleasantly tart -- the acerbic coolness of strawberry leaf rather than the sticky-sweet fruit, and no cherry or almond in sight (looking at you both, Strawberry Delight and Tulaytalah). House of Oud occasionally has trouble bringing spaciousness into its compositions, but this one executes beautifully; by the time you reach drydown you’ve taken a seat at the bakery with one perfect pastry and -- thanks to witty use of musk and wood basenotes -- a really nice cup of tea. Sillage is low, but isn’t it nice sometimes to have a quiet moment to yourself?
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/1/2019
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