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So sad. The top notes are a delicious spray of carmel delight. My husband smelled cinnamon sticky buns. Then about 5 minutes passed and it turned into a man's shaving cream smell on me. After 30 minutes it was very bitter. No vanilla dry down. After an hour it smells like the men's cologne counter at Bloomies. I envy those whose bodies maintain the top notes. Try before you buy.
By   - Coach from Chicago on 4/21/2021
It is quite strong and the sweet scents is a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but I kind of like smell afterward
By   - Artist from Hong Kong on 10/29/2020
I ordered the 7ml bottle. When I opened my package I could immediately smell it. Gave myself a couple of sprays and fell in love. Proceeded to wear it 3 days in a row. All three days I was in different locations and received compliments. All three were the same. I asked them what I smelled like, and all had the same answer "I don't know, you just smell really really good". I decided to get the 75ml bottle. Now am going to wear What About Pop for the next 30 days. This one is such a good fit for me and compliment getter, it may just become a signature scent for me. With the 100's of scents I own I never even considered a signature scent. What About Pop has changed my mind. It's that good!
By   - Retired from Reno on 1/22/2020
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