Fragrance du Bois

Oud Jaune Intense

Eau de Parfum

Oud Jaune Intense Sizes Available:
50ml $430
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Oud Jaune Intense...
This scent is amazing! I can totally understand the price tag. Everyone has different ideas of what fantastic represents. Of what mysterious and sensual represents in terms of a fragrance. This is all of the above. I knew this was the real deal, because after applying it - I dabbed more than one application on my wrist - I allowed it to rest for a few moments and then I swooped in for my first whiff. After that, I was taking deep inhalations.. with no regrets or winces. This is pure gorgeousness, and elegance. I could bask in this scent for the rest of my life.. I want to wear it and leave this delicious scent trail for everyone to be envious of. My birthday is in August. I think I know what I want.
By   - jewelry artist from homewood on 4/22/2020
Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford. Same beautiful and Very high quality and little more juicy- tropical sweet fruits
By   - Student from Seattle on 1/6/2018
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