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Oud Orange Intense

Eau de Parfum

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This use to be a favorite scent of mine as well as a favorite house but not anymore. They have destroyed there perfumes. What once was beautiful long lasting fragrances are now weak diluted perfumes with a very high price tag. I have seen YouTube comments stating that they had reformulated there perfumes and that they are now very weak and not worth the money.I am sad to say the reviews are true. They are not the same. Smell similar but way cheaper In smell as well as performance. SMH. Why did they have to change a good thing.
By   - Retail from Wilmington on 7/13/2021
At first, the orange note seems artificial-- but then it all comes together! Wonderful notes of orange, honey, and caramel linger a long time. Very good indeed!
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 8/8/2020
I am mystified by the name first. The first word OUD. I don't smell Oud. Certainly not intense. It's quite a sweet orange made candy by the mounds coconut noted by another reviewer.
By   - Perfume Reviewer Aujourd'hui from Princeville on 7/8/2019
Oud Orange can be described as a tropical, very warm, soft, musky, thick-boozy-vanilla and coconut laced oud. I would say that this fragrance is slightly and I overly emphasize the word "slightly" feminine but could easily be considered "unisex." It is stunning and very long lasting. No complaints with the performance. The trail this fragrance leaves in the dry down is gorgeous and addictive. I have 11 fragrances from the house of Fragrance du Bois and I'm sure I will be getting more. FDB uses 100% pure organic (vintage) oud. None of their fragrances contain that challenging, fecal, barnyard, or off-putting oud. You just wont find clones of these scents. Luxurious and ultra my well spent.
By   - Detective from Niagara Falls on 4/25/2017
Goodness this is beautiful! Blended to perfection. Semi gourmand. Even if you don't like oud - sample it! This is a close to the skin scent As much as I love it, I don't see myself paying the crazy $$$ for it.
By   - . from Texas on 2/27/2017
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