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I got a sample of this and I must say it’s amazing! I only wear it on my wrists and my neck tiny dabs . It’s last all day on me and even when it dries down it’s so warm and musky on me which is my favorite! I treat myself once a year to a full bottle from lucky scent and my next one will definitely be this !
By   - School para  from Grafton , ma on 10/1/2020
Creamy luxurious, with a glow that feels sumptuous, as if one is lit up from within. The problem is longevity. From a sample, it simply doesn't last or project past the first few hours on my three wearings. Pity.
By   - Systems Engineer from Boise on 1/4/2020
Ani is an absolute Stunner! I used to wear La Prairie's Silver Rain back in 2004 and there is just a hint of that hypnotic familiarity going on here! I did a full wearing yesterday from my sample from Lucky Scent (5 dab/rubs) and it was showing out all day long! Had me listening to The Gift of Love - Poems by Rumi - Deepak Chopra last night and waking up with it still on my mind this morning! From the CD there is a track called "I Am Yours" and Ani, I Am Yours hands down! Love this one so much!
By   - Program Assistant  from Fredericksburg on 9/6/2019
Got this sample today and I really love this!!! The performance is excellent, just a little dab and it's been standing it's ground all day as I worked! So many yummy notes in this. I need to have this, it is a favoriate!
By   - Program Assistant  from Fredericksburg on 8/30/2019
I am warming up to this fragrance. This is my 2nd review. Rich fragrance with flower, citrus and amber tones. Great at application and then it comes back and stays with you for quite a while. I love it and bought a full bottle with no regrets. Fan your flames will be my next buy from NISHANE.
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 8/15/2019
Not very impressed with that one. I bought it blindly after reading raving reviews... very disappointed. It smells somewhat like Cedrat Boise, but stays very close to the skin. Does not project at all. At that price, I should have tested it before buying a full bottle... a mistake I regret.
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 7/18/2019
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