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Oud Jaune Intense

Eau de Parfum

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Simply Amazing and my new favorite fragrance. Someone mentioned that it does smell rather like caramel popcorn but with such depth and complexity. This is just a yummy and delicious fragrance. First time wearing it I was stopped by people in the store asking what I was wearing. I bought the 100 ml bottle, and I will buy another when this is finished. Gorgeous and honestly - worth the price. Really..
By   - atty from Augusta on 4/29/2021
I drained 2 samples in a matter of days and then stared at the price of a full 100 ml bottle. It is expensive, but I was like a kid at Christmas when the next day air package brought me my bottle. I ripped open the package and immediately was carried away as the sweet almost caramel scent filled the room and then was wrapped by the soft oud notes. Truly a glorious scent and one that should not be missed for a gourmand lover. And literally people have stopped me in the street to ask what I was wearing.
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 4/15/2021
This one was fun, complex, a journey. Early on I got whiffs of banana, somehow, and a few hours later it's settled into a mild vanilla skin scent. Not in love but not surprised it resonated with others.
By   - Business from Boston on 12/10/2020
I was gifted a sample of this and at first spray..i hated reminded me of the Armani Prive Vert Malachite that I could not stand. The next day, i gave it another shot and I loved it. Im halfway through my sample and im seriously thinking of picking up a bottle its just the price point vis-a-vis its uniqueness is whats stopping me. I love my Santal Complet and recently picked up Oud Bleu because of the uniqueness of those scents..i did not mind spending my coins. While I am starting to get addicted to this scent.... maybe i need more time with OJI and see how i feel once i finish my small sample.
By   - Lawyer from Makati City, PH on 10/12/2020
first of all you guys have terrific customer service terrific online team very fast shipping Im definitely reordering this fragrance again lol OMG this perfume smells amazing sexy elegant and very sophisticated wow Im in shock of how well this website send me my order soo quick it didn't even took 3 days you guys are awesome thank you soo much
By   - construction owner from samson alabama on 10/8/2020
Amazing perfume! I ordered 2 samples and am ordering a full bottle now! Starts ultra creamy ylang-ylang and fruity, I can’t pick out specific fruits feels tropical-not overly so (I have a strong dislike for Pina Colada/pineapple smells) lasts for a really good amount of time like this, then (my favorite part) dries down and lasts as an ultra creamy/milky vanilla. Elevated, but can be worn casually as well-just amazing quality. This is my 2nd Fragrance Du Bois and I want more! So glad Luckyscent carries the line ??
By   - Finance manager  from Duluth on 8/12/2020
Just got as a sample-- very good off the bat..... smooth, honeyed and very floral with a note (for me) of caramel covered popcorn. Just this minute got a compliment from someone in the next room. I haven't found more than 2 good oud scents, but I plan to try much more from this house.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 8/6/2020
This scent is amazing! I can totally understand the price tag. Everyone has different ideas of what fantastic represents. Of what mysterious and sensual represents in terms of a fragrance. This is all of the above. I knew this was the real deal, because after applying it - I dabbed more than one application on my wrist - I allowed it to rest for a few moments and then I swooped in for my first whiff. After that, I was taking deep inhalations.. with no regrets or winces. This is pure gorgeousness, and elegance. I could bask in this scent for the rest of my life.. I want to wear it and leave this delicious scent trail for everyone to be envious of. My birthday is in August. I think I know what I want.
By   - jewelry artist from homewood on 4/22/2020
Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford. Same beautiful and Very high quality and little more juicy- tropical sweet fruits
By   - Student from Seattle on 1/6/2018
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