Fan Your Flames

Extrait de Parfum

50ml $220
0.7ml sample $6
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Nishane is IMHO a top 3 niche house as far as I tried (still counting...), and this fragrance doesn't disappoint at all. Stars boozy with a delightful coconut scent (for me better than Virgin Island), developing to a warm, cozy state (probably the tonka+tobacco mix) that lingers for hours and evolves in a creamy-woody accord that rounds things up. Delish 5/5
By   - M.D. from Santiago on 2/3/2021
It certainly smells like a and dirty. Not my cup of tea.
By   - Healthcare  from Madison on 1/9/2020
Nishane produces rich and long lasting fragrances. This is a great smoky, sweet coconut fragrance. Very much suited for a mysterious man. Very well blended. A must for all fragrance lovers. I think this one is more suited for men.... One of a kind. I will wear this a lot this fall and winter. Not a summer fragrance.
By   - Artist. from Vancouver. on 9/21/2019
This was a very unique scent to start with. I was not a fan of it. It was a coconut smell with a spice that the makers behind it, couldn't seem to get right or pair well. I was a bit shocked but all in all, not for me.
By   - Chief Role from Minneapolis on 4/23/2019
An absolutely bonkers collaboration by notes that build something far more than the sum of their parts -- a smoky fougere with DS & Durga-level specificity. The least cloying coconut in history kicks things off and then recedes to let tobacco, a jute-like hay, and a brandy-soaked tarry leather step up. The sweet-dry tobacco blazes and burns, leaving a rich lingering smoke in the thick moss at the base. This fragrance owns multiple bespoke suits and the top three floors of a very prestigious office building, and its personal shoppers are familiar with brands you’ve never even heard of. Spectacular.
By   - editor from Seattle on 8/15/2017
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