Sayat Nova

Extrait de Parfum

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Sorry - for me this scent is the opposite of appealing.
By   - Retired from Lakewood Colorado on 12/7/2020
If you liked Hypnotic Poison, try this. Very similar. I experience perfumes as textures as well as scents, and they have the same fuzziness in the nose. Vanilla with... HP has jasmine, and I don't see it listed here, but Sayat is very similar, but perhaps more interesting. Alas, I can't wear Hypnotic Poison because it gives me headaches, and I fear the same here, so it's a pass.
By   - Soft Robotics from Yourtown USA on 5/5/2020
This is something special. While I don't mind vanilla, fruit, and/or booze in my fragrances, they're far from my favorite notes. But just after wearing this for one day I know this will be a favorite. Intoxicatingly pleasant, even delicious, from start to finish. Beautifully simplistic while being stunningly complex. Well done Dmitry Bortnikoff and Rajesh Balkrishnan! 10/10
By   - Executive Chef from Michigan on 4/4/2020
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