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As one that was never a big fan of vanilla, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this scent. Top notes of fresh citrus and florals that lead to a dry-down that's a blend of lavender, jasmine, and cinnamon creating a perfect backdrop for the vanilla to shine. Very soft, light and feminine, with great lasting power. Its distinctly feminine, deliciously attractive, subtly addictive, and innocently seductive. This is like an effortless beauty that's oblivious to how attractive she is. Its not overpowering like most cloyingly sweet or aggressive "sexy" scents, its fresh but lingers like that one crush that you never forget. I finally found my new signature scent!
By   - Goddess from Los Angeles on 9/23/2021
Didn’t work for me.. I wanted to love it, the notes & reviews sounded like it would be amazing. Well on me, it didn’t last long on my skin, turned into a skin scent within 30 min & the citrus threw me off.. I thought it would be a lot more gourmand
By   - Market from Edgewater on 7/18/2021
Received a sample of this after so many raving reviews, I’m glad I didn’t blind buy. While I like it, I don’t LOVE it. This screams fruity pebbles on my skin.
By   - Assistant Community Manager from Clarksville on 1/21/2021
Blind buy worthy, Lira is everything a gourmand lover wants sans any overpowering elements. It's citrus, intermingled with a powdery lavender--all brought together with an understated, milky/musky vanilla. Although reminiscent of lemon cookies and Christmas, I can totally see this being a year-round skin scent. Do yourself a favor and add this to your collection.
By   - Museologist from Lisboa on 12/11/2020
Verry Nice....
By   - entrepreneur from Tasikmalaya on 11/10/2020
This scent is absolute heaven, I'm in love! It is exactly everything in the description, definitely leans more citrus than floral, complex and intriguing, every time I wear it I find something different about it and fall more in love.
By   - Gourmand Vanilla Addict from San Diego on 7/26/2020
Lira is absolutely beautiful. Smells like a lemon chocolate cake, but in a sexy way. I have made it my signature scent... wish I could bathe in it.
By   - RN from St.Louis on 7/24/2020
So delicious, sexy scent.
By   - Nurse  from Gurnee on 11/20/2019
This smells like Christmas in a way Christmas smells like gingerbread and lemon cookies except all the notes in there make it more complex and interesting than them. It’s a gourmand lover’s dream!
By   - Pharmacist from PA on 9/18/2019
Lira is a dessert of a scent, specifically a lemon vanilla ice cream on a warm summer's day. You share it with a lover while strolling through Italy on holiday, and forever after it reminds you of summer days and sultry nights, the windows open and sheets in a tangle. It is indulgent yet refined, playful yet sophisticated. While it starts off with innocent sweetness, a lemon vanilla ice followed quickly by a luscious caramel and blood orange, you can detect a purr of sensuous musk and vanilla spice that comes through more fully in the drydown. It continues to unfurl into a multi-course dessert eaten in bed and garnished by florals, then lulls you to sleep with a dream of woody vanilla, cinnamon, and musk, with just a hint of caramel.
By   - Writer from High Point, NC on 3/4/2019
Just received my full bottle today after much anticipation. This is just delicious, but it is definitely a scent that could be worn by both men and women. It opens with a warm lemon/vanilla scent rather like one of those orange creme ice pops, but instead a lemon vanilla variety here. It is much better on the skin and really blooms there. It becomes much muskier and more unisex in the dry down. Not too overpowering but definitely a strong and long-lasting scent. I am a gourmand scent lover, but this is really not overly sweet and is quite pleasant.
By   - attorney from Augusta on 5/21/2018
The opening is a pleasant citrus lavender combination which quickly moves into a soft spicy phase with a touch of sweet caramel. The caramel although mild develops further with the persistent undertones of a soft citrus floral spicy blend. There are stages when the blood orange seems more prominent in the citrus blend. The caramel fluctuates in its presence at times more noticeable at others more subdued. This progresses where the vanilla makes a beautiful entrance then blends with the caramel while the soft floral spicy mix is left in the distant background. A richness and depth further develops into the vanilla caramel combination which is deliciously alluring. A fragrance fit for the gourmand connoisseur.
By   - n/a from n/a on 9/4/2016
Like a lemon cookie. I really don't like vanilla or sweet scents or anything that smells like food AT ALL. This is pleasant, although not one I'd purchase a bottle of. I doubt I'll even reach for my sample often enough to use it up. I like ok it but I'm not addicted or very drawn in by it.
By   - Librarian from Indianapolis on 3/1/2015
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