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I wasn’t sure of Belle de Jour at first, but I’ve come to love it so much that I am considering stockpiling it for future summers. The jasmine is so alluring, and the seaweed and subtle spice make it strikingly unique. I love it! Several times this season I’ve received compliments, so I’d say Belle de Jour loves me back. I may go bankrupt before this love affair ends.
By   - Crash Test Dummy from Atlantis on 6/17/2019
I'm not normally a fan of ultra-femme fragrances, nor jasmines, and this is most assuredly both. That seaweed note, however, adds a lot of interest to the proceedings (and wit, if you remember the premise of the movie), and overall it's really nicely done; the orange-flower-and-jasmine prettiness is sharpened by cedarwood and the peppercorn note, and it all holds together really well. I wouldn't wear it, but I wouldn't avoid being around someone who did.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/5/2016
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