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You need to give this scent time. At first sniff I did not even like it. After it wore it turned into a grownup sexy lady scent, mostly tuberose, but not screamingly floral. Nice, elegant, but not for me.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 8/11/2017
This has basically become one of my signature scents. I met Barbara Herman, founder of Eris Perfumes, and she told me that night flower is similar in structure to Shalimar. I compared night flower to a vintage EDC of Shalimar and they are, in fact, similar. If you hate tuberose, don't be scared, it's barely perceptible. The birch tar is quite prominent to me upfront, but dries down nicely. This is a cozy, luxurious scent with a slight growl. A cat slinking away, turning heads as she goes by and then slowly, deliberately, curling up for a cat nap by a fire. It wears close to skin, seductively beckoning people to lean in a little closer. As a previous reviewer stated, this one is for grown ups.
By   - Analyst from San Francisco on 12/21/2016
Yes, tuberose, but if you didn't read the notes list you might well come up with something along the lines of "sueded cinnamon" for this remarkable thing -- a little gourmand-spice, a little woods, a leather with musk but zero roughness, and an utterly delicious creaminess throughout. (And that would be the tuberose, but give that well-managed tonka some credit too.) A self-possessed femme scent for the grown folk.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/11/2016
I am getting really hooked on this scent. It is really soft and feminine and warm and mysterious. It's a very classy sexy scent. The kind that you need to get to k ow and be close to before you realise you're in love. It stays close. You have to be close to notice it which I love. It doesn't attack everybody in the room but instead smells like your skin is just that delicious. It still lingers at the end of the day too very subtly. I will definitely be adding this to my collection!
By   - Pet care business owner from Malvern on 6/11/2016
This is LOVELY. Spicy, warm, floral, a tinge of leather...feminine, but with a masculine twist...intriguing.
By   - Office Drone from Portland on 2/23/2016
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