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Ma Bete

Eau de Parfum

Ma Bete Sizes Available:
50ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Ma Bete...
This pungent, wickedly sexy fragrance means business! I also am surprised that it has been designated feminine, as it, to me, hearkens to an early-70's Burt Reynolds-on bearskin type aromatic woody chypre... at first. Later, sophisticated florals and muted, mysterious spices come out to play, making it more femme and Euro-sophisticated. As stated, it does a magic transformative dance from head to base. Tangy, alluring, provocative drydown. Blended expertly (Lie is a genius), this fragrance brims with wit, panache and attitude throughout. Powerful, unique and retro-glam, MA BÊTE takes no prisoners. Now THIS is French perfume! I'm smitten. You fellas have to try this, too.
By   - digital artist from central texas, usa on 5/27/2020
A big old-school aldehyde blast knocks that opening neroli note right back to 1950s Paris, where sugary gourmands and the clean-living CK1s of the world fear to tread. (And where one stuffs one’s dirty jasmine into the bottom of one’s cedar chest so the cleaning staff doesn’t find it.) They wear furs back there and they don’t approach showering and laundry as we do; a woman is a woman and she doesn’t trifle with girls’ fragrances, nor with foolish sentimentality. I’m not sure I could live there forever, but this fragrance is a fairly titanic act of tourism and I support it. Not for office wear.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/16/2018
Floral? I couldn't derive floral from this one. It's not sweet at all. I didn't smell the raunch, either, though I would say it could be described as "a beast" of a perfume. I think this is the perfume of a tough, worldly, probably older and certainly experienced, no nonsense woman, with zero "sweet" in her. If a woman wore this one around me, they might very well scare me. Definitely unisex if not downright masculine. I'd buy this for a sophisticated, probably European man, or a "woman of the world". It lasts, it's fairly strong, and you would definitely not mess with the wearer of this perfume, be it man or woman. Power players, take heed. This Is You. Scare the teenage at heart sugerbomb wearers.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 9/16/2018
The florals play the lesser subtext here. An almost medicinal sharpness is the strongest note. It mellows somewhat into the raunchy note others have referred to here. The sharpness keeps the raunch from being too vulgar; the developing animal notes...the "beast"...add warmth to what was at first a cool toned perfume. Unusual and most definitely unisex. I could see a gentleman wearing this with aplomb.
By   - Writer from Spokane on 7/4/2018
I agree with previous reviewer. Very very sexy, a bit raunchy, light but deep, not at all pungent. I'd like a bottle.
By   - teacher from chi on 7/12/2016
It's beautiful. A dirty floral. extremely sexy.
By   - Aviatrix from chicago on 3/25/2016
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