Fleur de Lalita

Eau de Parfum

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This opens well enough and I found myself enjoying its company, but in the end, it settled into a discreet fart. Not for me
By   - Business Analyst from Durham on 8/1/2021
This smells like fancy soap, the kind that people put out in their bathroom but don't really use. It's a high-quality scent with good lasting power, and it's certainly classy, but I think you have to like soapy scents to like this. There is something nostalgic and maternal about it as well. I'm giving it 4 stars for quality, but personally I won't be buying a full bottle.
By   - ** from ** on 2/15/2021
Luscious, intoxicating fragrance. What alchemy there is in this scent. On me, the jasmine is what lingers on the top notes, but the dry down is just warm and soft. If you love white flower perfumes, and I do, this is one to try.
By   - ** from Sonoma on 12/12/2020
Stunning. Stunning in the most unassuming yet sophisticated, voluminous yet restrained way. I don’t know what Dusita is adding to their perfumes, but I’m convinced they have managed to bottle unicorn smiles. Fleur de Lalita is THE perfect white floral, greens and all. It smells so natural, like a real bouquet of flowers, that you are caught off guard at first. The thing about this floral is that the sum of the parts create magic. It is a little powdery and a WHITE floral, so if that’s not your cup of tea, it maybe disappoint. For me, this is perfect 10 and has much better performance than Douceur de Siam, although I adore that scent as well. Huge compliment getter!
By   - ** from TX on 1/20/2019
Omg this is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Luckyscent nailed it perfectly with their "bouquet of tropical flowers that has grown up, moved to France, and taken up smoking and reading Baudelaire" Lol! It is SO GORGEOUS. As green as it can come across, you suddenly get wafts of intoxicating impressions of creamy indoles that you can't always detect close up - it's like magic that way. Or maybe bc i'm sniffing from a decant and not actually spraying it. I already own Dusita's Melodie de L'Amour and i'm about to own another FB Dusita because this is sooo sooo beautiful and masterfully blended. I cannot get over how talented Pissara Umivijani is. She was born to do this. And I was born to wear it, Lol!
By   - Shrink from NYC on 10/28/2018
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