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Musc Infini

Eau de Parfum

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Powder- This is a very soft scent , easy to wear but really smells so reminiscent of Johnson's Baby Powder I can't justify a full bottle at this price.
By   - Professor from New York on 5/23/2019
Such a cuddly, emotionally supportive fragrance! An intriguingly stony takeoff blooms into a richly sueded animalic quality, like a fine suede jacket... there is a rounded mammalian skin warmth to it that, to me, almost recalls the lovable scent of a clean, healthy short-haired hound or working dog, the breeds who possess heartbreakingly soft skin. Has a most refined, sleek, focused drydown, the delicately ambered notes immaculately balanced and oozing with class and style, culminating in a powdery, reassuring musk. Sleek, urbane, intelligent scent that is, like the description above states, addictive.
By   - artist from boerne, tx usa on 2/28/2019
lots and lots of baby powder.
By   - Client Support from Dallas on 6/11/2018
Opens as the world’s most opulent baby powder, with vanilla and benzoin softness around the whitest, softest musk imaginable. Ambrette deepens the impression, and the occasional spike of patchouli does nothing to impede this scent from settling into a lovely skin scent with low sillage and great, subtle staying power. (Citizen M visitors may be reminded of the scent of the hotel’s PM bodywash, a plus in my book.)
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/24/2017
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