Extrait de Parfum

30ml $120
0.7ml sample $6
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I really love the smooth spices here, they are really nice. There is an incense note as well that is understated and charming. However, the bergamot is really amplified, at least on me, to an abrasive and astringent note that yells out, while everything else is just a gentle aura on the skin. I'm afraid I can't like this as much as I really want to.
By   - Floral industry from Austin TX on 5/4/2019
This description is so spot-on. I totally agree with the notion that it is sweet but fresh at the same time. I'm a lover of gourmands, citrus scents, and vanillas and smoke. This hits 3 out of 4, so I'm afraid I might be buying this later on.
By   - writer from chicago on 3/2/2018
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