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The sprayer on this bottle is the best I’ve ever used. The smell is unlike any scent I have ever purchased. It is sexy and deep with a bit of brightness to make it wearable during the day. I don’t know how they accomplished that. 10 out of 10 for me. The longevity is “Beast Mode!”
By   - Teacher from San Antonio on 8/11/2020
Like all Masque Milano fragrance, expect top quality and uniqueness. They do not smell like anything else on the market. TANGO is an amber, fruity, spicy fragrance with a flair of its own. If you like Ambre Loup by Rania J., you will love this one as well. I also have "Mandala" and "Russian Tea" which I love. Tango does not last as long on me as the 2 others. The secret is always to spray it on you clothes and then it will linger. All those 3 above NICHE fragrances are exquisite. Masque Milano scents are well blended, rich, with a very original DNA.
By   - Artist from Vancouver on 7/17/2019
A masterpiece
By   - Paper Pusher  from Folsom on 10/22/2017
I too received this as a sample pack with my order. I agree with the reviews below; this is an intriguing and uniquely hunting scent. I'm not sure if I would invest in an entire bottle of it, but it is definitely worth putting your nose on.
By   - Technical / outside sales from Tampa, FL on 1/28/2016
I first received this as a sample with another purchase. I tried it on and kept going back to it. I could not live without it. I bought a FB. It takes me back to my 20's when I use to wear Donna Karan New York; it may be some of the similar notes of Amber, Jasmine, benzoin, patchouli, musk, and a few more. But the blend of this is softer, smoother, more elegant, very sophisticated. I just love it. I do recommend sampling this one will fall in love, too!
By   - MD from Louisville on 12/15/2015
I should start by saying that I am not a great fan of amber scents. Tango is amber, spices, and wood. I get a hint of tobacco and rum too. Sadly, the florals are lost on my skin. I wish they were there, but even without them Tango seems to be growing on me.
By  on 6/18/2015
I have a huge Amber collection, and this one does not disappoint. Similar to the other reviewer, it keeps pulling me back. It's quite heady and reminds me a bit of Vranjes Amber & Iris, though not exactly as it has a bit more zing. Long lasting, too.
By  on 11/16/2014
Tango is an oddball, but something about it keeps drawing me in.  It is a sexy spicy, slightly animalic and boozy amber with what to me is an unidentifiable exotic floral accord that when combined with the amber base gives almost the impression of dried fruits in an odd sense.  My description can not do it justice, but it is certainly worth a sniff.  Even if it is not your cup of tea, it is different enough from the norm, and of a quality not often seen these days. As a side note, despite the spices listed in its notes, it does not come across as body odor nor curryish to my nose
By   - Coffee Slave from Newport Beach on 6/10/2014
this one will haunt you. i have never experienced a perfume that gave me a deja vous moment like this. it wrapped around me night and day. this is not for anyone who does not want to be noticed entering a room ... you need to try this............. no way to describe it. experience it.
By   - agent from st pete on 6/8/2014
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