Parfum Extrait

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30ml $120
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This is lovely. Three simple notes, but balanced and blended so beautifully that no one note shouts over the top of the other – creamy vanilla, soft jasmine and delicate musk, all playing extremely nicely together. It’s quite sweet when it first goes on, but that settles after a few minutes, and then you'll find you're sitting in a lovely soft cloud of musky, flowery vanilla. Chocolate isn’t listed as a note, but don't be surprised if you do find wafts of chocolate. Longevity is excellent – I consistently get a good eight hours out of this. I think a lot of blokes might find this too sweet, but then again, I guess it would depend on the skin chemistry. It’s a super pretty scent.
By   - Higher ed from Brisbane on 3/31/2018
This is a heady scent and only a spritz or two are necessary to convey its full power. It's intoxicating and spicy but with a thick, sweet patina. I'm not quite an expert in the art of effectively describing fragrances (yet!) but this is sort of like something I could imagine Dada and Surrealist artists wearing in Zurich or Paris during the 1910s. Thank you t the Scent Bar employee who turned me on to this!
By   - Educator from Los Angeles on 9/20/2017
The opening is one of the most lovely I've smelled: sweet and warm and delicious. Soon after however - and lasting for a good hour - it's a horror movie: a very masculine chemical/plastic/body odour nightmare. And then it settles. Never quite as beautiful as the opening but nonetheless a much more subdued slightly spicy vanilla that loses the toxic notes. It fades quickly but remains closeness to the skin.
By   - Writer from Melbourne, Australia on 9/27/2016
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