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Silky Woods

Parfum Concentrate

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Here's what other people are saying about Silky Woods...
Ok...this fragrance is so indulgent and sexy. I am not sure how to even describe it. It is a great unisex fragrance, not floral at all. It has a smokey, but not burnt, or overbearing smell. I smell tobacco with a hint of incense and then this awesome sweet throw of vanilla. Its very unique and nothing I've really smelled before. I just love it. I feel sophisticated wearing this scent but in a modern way. This is a must have for people who like woody, vanilla scents.
By   - Caretaker from Chino on 6/15/2021
Just phenomenal. Masculine, strong, and spicy with a hint wood.
By   - Sales from Minneapolis on 6/4/2021
Such an amazing scent. If you love Vanille Havanae from les Indemodables you are going to love this. Definitely a fall-winter fragrance and definitely going to be a compliment getter!
By   - Bartender  from Chicago on 5/27/2021
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