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Yes Yes Yes! I promise buy the sample and you will fall in love!
By   - Project Coordinator  from Boston on 3/12/2020
The beginning of this is a bit too strong on the almond, it smells exactly like the almond extract you'd use in baking so they got the "someone baking" feel spot on. But like with all Profumum scents (for me) it mellowed into something gorgeous. The almond is still there, but it's tempered by the vanilla and the "cherry" heliotrope. I don't get a lot of coconut but I absolutely don't mind that at all. It does give it a milky tinge though which goes wonderfully with the baking theme.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/8/2019
Very comforting warm vanilla scent on me. Have to be careful applying it - it is a strong perfume that last a long time on my skin. Vanilla almond cookies, with a powdery undertone with the drydown. Interestingly it doesn't bother my husband who is otherwise sensitive to perfume.
By   - Business professional from Irvine, CA on 7/22/2017
This stuff ... wow. I have always loved Luctor et Emergo, except for for fact that it gets musty as it dries down and eventually starts to smell old and dusty on me. Dolce Acqua is all the wondeful "cherry and hay" accord of Luctor with none of the mustiness -- just sweet, slightly dry, comforting goodness that makes me want to snuggle up to myself. One thing that is definitely true about this perfume, though, is that IT REQUIRES A LIGHT HAND WHEN APPLYING! A tiny bit really goes a long way!
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 9/25/2015
It only gets a 4 because at this price point, it should last and last, have depth and linger. I only get about 2 hours out of it. That said, it smells divine. Very gourmand. Vanilla, yes, very, and almond and sugar-y without being cloying at all. A little dough-y, but not weirdly so. Like cookies baking in a warm oven with the window open on a cool spring day. I just wish I didn't have to reapply so often to keep it going.
By   - Art Director on 2/15/2013
Smells on me exactly like the Vanilla Cake Batter fragrance by Demeter. Quite an artificial, sickly vanilla, but definitely calls to mind a kitchen full of baking smells.
By   - from Adelaide on 2/15/2013
basedon the notes listed, I was sure that this would be just up my alley. However, it really didn't do anything for me unfortunately. I'm starting to think that maybe Profumum's fragrances just don't work for me because it's not the first of their perfumes to leave me unimpressed or flat out disappointed. The notes leave a semi sweet, not really anything baking in the oven smell on my skin that faded rather quickly, especially for this brand. I think the heliatrope and a slight coconut were the notes that stood out the strongest. I'll pass on this one.
By   - from Puerto rico on 5/9/2012
I feel bad not being on the bandwagon of love, but I just didn't mesh with this perfume. I have a hard time with this anyway, so attribute away to body chemistry, but this ended up smelling like scented industrial plastic on me (think the "scratch and sniff" Strawberry Shortcake dolls of the late 80's/early 90's). Pretty bummed, as all of the notes in this one seemed so delicious.
By  on 5/2/2012
This is by far the best fragrance I have ever bought. It smells like what Heaven and Angels smell like. I can't even describe it. Everybody is different, so try it first. Never smelled anything like it in my 52 years. Vanilla, powder, doughy, a tad juicy and as feminine on me as the day is long or night is black. It is just so darned expensive, I have to ration it. I could bathe in it. I get compliments when I wear it. It's so different and spot on for me. I say the description is pretty accurate. I get a play doh smell faintly after the dry down, but the others are there too. LOVELY
By  on 2/27/2012
Don't let the coconut put you off, it usually does me, but it is so soft and sheer in this just part of the whole big beautiful scent! Truly a perfect blend of floral and gourmand, already love Dulcis in Fundo, now must have this one! Why do I love the expensive ones? sigh
By   - Designer from Northern Rockies on 1/30/2012
Yes, yes, yes this one is beautiful !!!! No cherry-ish smell , no powdery , just almond , vanilla and so creamy . I love it.
By   - engineer on 1/12/2012
No, no, no... from the description, this scent should be a winner for gourmand lovers, but it's a floral on me and that's ALL wrong. Sample it first as maybe it will work for you.
By   - Program Specialist from Washington, DC on 1/9/2012
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