Shay & Blue

Blood Oranges

Eau de Parfum

Blood Oranges Sizes Available:
100ml $90
30ml $50
0.7ml sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Blood Oranges...
Jo Malone Orange Bitters (JMOB) paper sprayed last week Shay & Blue Blood Oranges (SBBO) blind buy. Atelier California Clementine (ACC) sample. JMOB softer than others. Did not change much over time, Week old paper still has a trace scent is pretty good. Ends up kind of powdery More feminine to me. ACC opening short but ends in nice appealing, not sharp/tart, scent. What I would imagine an orange scent should be. SBBO opening short, but settles into leather scent, with orange on top. Masculine. Strongest end note/projection. Soft/feminine orange = JMOB$$ Straight orange (well, clementine) = ACC$$ If you want masculine orange = SBBO best scent/value Scent wise, I like ACC best, but for scent/price/value, I like SBBO.
By   - systems analyst from Honolulu on 3/7/2020
As a lover of citrus-orange fragrances,this version is really nice! it does have a realistic orange aroma..and deepens to a warm-slightly leathery finish.If you love oranges,this is worth trying,and the offering of the smaller bottles are a plus!
By   - from Midwest on 8/7/2015
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